Friday, August 5, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Jorge Mateo

All week long we’ve checked in with new prospects to come to the Yankees farm system but today we reserve this prime spot for one of the most prime prospects in all the land, Jorge Mateo. It feels weird to say but with all the influx of new talent heading into the organization and their minor league affiliates it’s almost like Mateo is an “oldie but a goodie” at this point. He’s back from his suspension and now he has a great talent in Gleyber Torres playing beside him down in Tampa that he can feed off of and grow with. You can’t put a stat or a number on that friendly rivalry, competition and top prospect pushing you while being right beside you in my opinion.

So Mateo has another week under his belt down in Tampa with the Tampa Yankees, let’s check in with him and see what he has been doing statistically. Has he earned the call up to Trenton yet? You decide:


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  1. Maybe, but I wouldn't do it this year...or maybe move him somewhere around the last week of baseball.


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