Thursday, September 8, 2016

USA Today’s Weekly MLB Power Rankings

Another week of exciting pennant race baseball is in the books and while some teams are beginning to make their moves in their respective divisions and playoff chases some teams are slumping at the worst possible time. The Yankees are one of those teams stuck in the middle as they are winning games, and most of their series to be frank, but they just aren’t making up as much ground as you would like. But as I’ve started saying during game threads and such, they need a win and they have been getting a win. Can’t argue with that logic but has it made a difference in the USA Today’s weekly MLB power rankings list they release every week? Let’s find out.

The Yankees finally got a little bit of respect this week as the team was able to climb two spots to the #14 position on the list. Maybe they are for real after all, huh? To round out the rest of the American League East who also find themselves in a dog fight atop the division and in the Wild Card races in the AL you have the Toronto Blue Jays at #5, the Boston Red Sox at #6, the Baltimore Orioles at #10 and the Tampa Bay Rays at the #24 position.

The biggest rise of the week went to the New York Mets who rose five spots to the #13 position while the biggest fall went to the Seattle Mariners who fell three more spots and finished with the #16 position.

The Top 5 teams according to the rankings are the Chicago Cubs, the Texas Rangers, the Washington Nationals, the Cleveland Indians and the Toronto Blue Jays. Meanwhile the five worst teams in the league according to these rankings are the #26 Cincinnati Reds, the #27 Arizona Diamondbacks, the #28 San Diego Padres, the #29 Atlanta Braves and the #30 Minnesota Twins. But I guess you already knew who was 1st although #30 may have shocked you. Or not if you have been watching the games lately.

The season is no longer a marathon or a light jog, it’s a sprint. Start sprinting and make the postseason and or lag behind and be left playing golf in October. You decide. 

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