Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Quick Hit: Yankees to Renovate Yankee Stadium, Add Social Gatherings

Good morning ladies and gentleman and Happy Wednesday to all. This news is a couple days old but in case you missed it I wanted to touch on it for a minute. Renovations are coming to the new Yankee Stadium and, as shocking as this is to say, it is coming at the expense of capacity in the stadium. You mean Hal Steinbrenner and company actually listened to their fans and sacrificed empty seats that they “could” sell to make the fans happy? Say it ain’t so.

The Yankees will see Yankee Stadium’s capacity reduced by 2,100 seats so that they can bring in seven new social gathering spaces in the stadium. A children’s zone with an artificial surface and mini baseball field will be created in the right field upper deck and playground equipment will be included as well as a replica World Series trophy as well as open-air spaces added to the left and the right of the restaurant in center field. This alone will add a new family dynamic to the stadium while also removing obstructions from the bleacher seats. You can even charge your phones in this open-air space. Always a plus.

Bars, sports lounges and other amenities will be added and it looks like a bunch of other cool stuff. Things like this make me happy, when the organization actually listens to the fans. Plus removing obstructed seats never hurt either. Good job Yankees. Good job indeed. 

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