Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday to My Boy, Hayden

What else can I say that I don’t already say every single day about this kid? This kid is my heart and my pride and joy along with my other son, Evan, and while he wasn’t exactly part of the plan he was the best decision I never made. So today is your day little guy, Happy 3rd birthday from Dad and everyone here at The Greedy Pinstripes. Enjoy your day J


  1. Happy Birthday Hayden, and may you grow up to be the man your dad has shown himself to be!

  2. Nice photo, Hayden. Good looking young man. Must have his mothers
    good looks.

    I think young Hayden is doing an impersonation in that photo.
    He sure is !................
    He's doing an impersonation of Ken Reed, handling a communion wafer.

    No wonder the priests no longer serve him communion.

    Nice job Hayden. Cutting edge. Hollywood look out !


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