Thursday, April 13, 2017

And Let the 2019 Free Agency Rumors Begin!

You know I just have to sit back and laugh at journalism, news reporting and blogging anymore. I really do. People will post anything and everything they can just to garner a click and a view because recognition means something to most. It doesn’t mean as much to me, although it’s human nature to want at least a little bit of recognition for your accomplishments, but I guess I can see where people do what they do. Some rely on this to make a living and I totally get that, I don’t. I have volunteered my time here for over five years now and I hope that this shows in my writing but before I get too off course let’s touch on what has me all worked up this morning. I was cruising my normal news outlets and bookmarks when I saw one publication was once again talking about the 2019 free agency class. What set this post apart from the 99,990,000 posts about that huge free agency class was this publication had “inside sources” that stated that one of those potential free agents, Manny Machado, was “open to playing for the New York Yankees.”

Right, sure he said that. Sure he came out pretty much two seasons before he hits free agency and told the media or some inside source that he would be open for playing for a division rival in the New York Yankees and just conveniently asked for it to remain anonymous. Yep, you convinced me. Come on now people, smarten up. If you read the actual interview with the New York Post, quote below, you would see that he never once said he was open to playing in New York. Stop click baiting!!! I won’t even link to the post because I am so frustrated and disgusted by it, but hey it worked. I clicked it and now I’m writing about it so surely a few will Google it and click it too.

"I'm sure now when we go to New York, it's going to be crazy. I know there is talk about the future and maybe me, Gary and Harper being together. That's New York. That's what goes on. You never know what to expect in this game," Machado said.

Machado is leaving his options open. Why would he show his hand or make a decision in 2017 when his decision doesn’t have to be made until the winter before the 2019 season? It doesn’t make sense and that’s how I know it’s not true. What doesn’t make sense usually doesn’t make sense for a reason. Okay guys, I’m done. Sorry. Rant over, I’ll put my soap box back under the bed for another time. Journalism just pisses me off anymore and sometimes I can’t and refuse to keep it to myself. Carry on and have a great Thursday. 

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