Thursday, October 26, 2017

2018 Free Agency: Joe Girardi – Yay or Nay

Well this didn't work out, did it? I had this scheduled to post today before news broke that the New York Yankees would not be bringing back Joe Girardi for the 2018 season. Oh well. Never waste content.

The New York Yankees have a lot of decisions to make this offseason as far as personnel and players go but the team’s biggest decision this offseason may be what the organization does with their vacant managerial position. Manager Joe Girardi’s contract is up after the end of the World Series and no one knows whether to expect Joe back on the Yankee Stadium bench here in 2018. With the uncertainty facing the team’s future and with the presumable lore that is Derek Jeter and the Miami Marlins will the New York Yankees be in the search of a manager here in a couple weeks? Or should the team make it their decision to part ways? I will tell you what I think should happen as well as what I think will happen here in the post.

As unpopular of a post as this is about to be I think the Yankees should retain Joe Girardi on another three-year deal. I don’t pretend to be omnificent or all-knowing, but does anyone see a true upgrade over Girardi out there on the free agent market as far as managers go? And no, John Farrell is not a better manager than Joe Girardi is in my opinion. I just don’t see a better manager that can handle the bullpen the way Girardi does, not all the time but no one is “on” 100% of the time either, and I just don’t see a better manager that can handle a young team over Girardi. Girardi has handled a young team in Miami before and he did a bang-up job with the Baby Bombers here in 2017 as the team far exceeded expectations in every sense of the word.

Sure, Girardi may be an idiot to some and he may rely on his “binder” far too much at times but the Yankees have never had a losing record during his tenure, the team has a World Series championship and has reached the ALCS three times under his command. The players seem to rally around him and support him, Dellin Betances did so publicly lately, and I just don’t see an obvious upgrade out there to be had. For all those reasons and more though there will be teams out there wanting his services including the aforementioned Miami Marlins.

I think at the end of the day the Yankees will offer Girardi another contract, but I am torn on whether I believe he will accept it or not. The Marlins and the opportunity to manage the likes of Giancarlo Stanton may be exciting for Girardi but I am not entirely sure if Girardi is ready to start over. The Marlins don’t have the farm system the Yankees have and while they have some young talent on the team I think the Yankees are just a better fit right now. At the end of the day I think the Yankees will offer Girardi a three-year deal while the Marlins may offer more but I truly think Joe stays in the Bronx for at least three more seasons, and I am totally okay with that. 


  1. Perhaps you should have written Yay or Nay on Brian Cashman today since Girardi's dismissal had Cashman's fingerprints all over it. I am really struggling with the in-house names as possible replacements: Rob Thomson, Joe Espada, Tony Pena, Tim Naehring, Jay Bell, Al Pedrique, Reggie Willits, Josh Paul, etc. None of them excite me.

    1. Cashman is on the schedule, I was planning on having it written very soon. I better hurry before it gets dated as well.

  2. Replies
    1. I mean, maybe. He hasn't really shown much interest in managing since his playing days ended and he doesn't really excite me much either TBH.

  3. I've seen people trash the idea of Hensley Meulens but I kind of like it. He is multi-lingual like Didi Gregorius and did a terrific job in the WBC last year. Jason Giambi is another name that has been thrown out. I've long respected Dave Martinez but it sounds like he is finally getting some attention from the Nationals unless the Nats decide to try on jump on Girardi. I loved David Cone as a pitcher and I enjoy his commentary on TV broadcasts, but I don't think he'd be a good manager.

  4. 'Jumpin Joe Girardio'.... Don't remember that one ?

    That was the song that the big sport talk station hosts, in NYC, were singing when Joe came on board...ten years ago. Ten years !

    I get nervous when I look at the list of potential replacements.
    Joe is head, and shoulders, better then all of them.

    One poster, above me....said that Hensley Meulens, is a good candidate,
    in part because he is multi-lingual. What does that mean ?

    My choice is Tanaka's translator...Shingo Horie. He's younger, and will cost less money.
    Meulens ? Scary.

    1. Tanaka's translator that freaking killed me lol. I honestly think it should be John Flaherty as the next manager. The guy is smart as a whip and would have the respect in the locker room. I don't want to see Rob Thompson or the srubino in Philly. Cashman wrote a check that I'm not sure his ego can cash no pun intended. Not a Girardi fan but I agree with Patrick that Girardi is better than then names mentioned.

    2. My point is that the next manager needs to be a good communicator. I was in favor of the Yankees retaining Girardi in large part because I didn't see a better solution out there. I like Joe Maddon's bench coach, Dave Martinez, but I can't really say who I think is the best fit in the Bronx. There are many variables that come into play. Rob Thomson is one of the least attractive options in my mind. I know that he's been a good, long-time company man for the Yankees but when it is said that the team needs a new voice, it rules out the old guard. So much of baseball is played between the ears. The Yankees need a manager that can pull out the best from the very talented young core he will inherit (obviously). I trust that Cashman will make the right choice. We'll see.

  5. Ken Hans, I understand your opinion of Cashman has not been in his favor and he well deserved all the things fans said about some extent, which I will not go into!

    Now in hind sight, have you soften your opinion of him at all?

    Not being argumentative at all, just asking.

  6. Question; what is with this "Good communicator" stuff.
    What happened with a manager that knew the game, was honest and had the players backs but, knew who paid the bills. Best of all...he hated losing most of all.

    My wish for manager would be Buck Showalter! Hay, why not, just because he and "King" George had trouble one would think both sides could get together and take care any FUBAR left over!


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