Tuesday, November 28, 2017

New York Yankees Organizational All Stars

MiLB.com released the New York Yankees organizational All-Stars at every position this week so here is a quick glimpse into the future of the team. Congratulations to all on the list and join me in salivating at the thought of the future here in the Bronx. Enjoy your day!

Yankees 2017 Organization All-Stars

Catcher: Donny Sands
First Base: Mike Ford*
Second Base: Nick Solak
Third Base: Miguel Andujar*
Shortstop: Thairo Estrada*
Outfielder: Estevan Florial
Outfielder: Jake Cave*
Outfielder Billy McKinney
Honorable Mention: Isiah Gilliam
Utility: Tyler Wade*
LHP: Caleb Smith*
RHP: Chance Adams*
RP: Anyelo Gomez


  1. I do not pretended to know more than others. But, sure there are
    stooges around, that I can give a good run at.

    A 40 roster man player that has been given a lot of play recently...
    Billy McKinney OF, LH, dead pull hitter. 23 years old.

    Yankee mgmt. put him on the 40 man for a reason.
    Dead pull hitter in the stadium ? Perhaps.

    Not much of a fielder, but an emerging bat.
    Trades happen, spots open where none where before.
    LH, dead pull hitter in the stadium ?...Why not ?

    The Phoenix is rising ! Embrace this time.

    1. Jake Cave is a better bat and player than Billy Mckinney, but he is also 2 years older. Age makes a difference when one is under 27. So, not a bad idea to find a place for them both...park one (Billy Mc) in AAA and one Jake C in CF next year.
      Yes, I don't like what Hicks has as a whole package. Jake brings some needed Left handed power and I think Hicks has his trouble from the left side. Sort of partial to Jake as My Nickname was "Jake the Snake"...back in the 50s.
      We also have the kid, Estevan Florial (I know nothing about him) who will be a force in a few years(2/3)...so they say! I have to get down there and see him this spring.
      We do have a plethora of very good young players in the system now, hard to pick one over another some times.

  2. Stanton.....I would give them nothing for Stanton. Nothing in return !

    Marlins need to reduce salary, not our problem.
    Make a money offer for Stanton, and see how it goes.

    Screw them. Jeter is not as smart as he thinks he is.

  3. 11/29...Wednesday, re: Yankee Manager.

    Weather they interview six, or six hundred candidates...Who cares !
    My absolute hope is that they select the RIGHT guy. A long term person.

    This young powerful Yankee gunship is about to set sail....and this selection is of the utmost importance.
    Don't waste the first two years on a loser. Get it right.

  4. Brian Dozen...I did not know he was an assistant manager
    in a high end dress shop ?
    Makes sense now, he can were home what you dose not sell.

  5. PLUG-INS...We all know about the young Yankees knocking at the door.

    But, game changer plugins?
    Make the Sox wet their pants with these two... And they will !

    So lets add two players, and charge out of the gate April 2nd,
    and never look back....for years.

    Otani, and Stanton are your playing cards.
    Stanton will NOT cost a bundle of major league ready players.
    Screw Jeter...the Marlins have a money issue.

    Stanton...... George would have had him dined, and primed by now.
    Screw the Sox....now.

  6. Aaron Boone, NY Yankee Mgr : As being reported all over NY,
    by the top baseball writers, inc YES Network employees.

    If as reported, Boone is a good / interesting choice. I go along.
    It feels good. Give him a strong bench coach to lean on.

    Glad to avoid the must hire a minority thing.
    People have had their fill of this injustice, going on for over fifty years.
    If you're good enough, you get it. F'n case closed.


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