Thursday, April 5, 2018

Hello… Booing All-Stars

Good morning everyone, and Happy Thursday to you all. I guess this is kind of old news by now, if you can call something that happened two days ago old news, but I feel like I should say something about it anyway. The Yankees fans booed Giancarlo Stanton on Tuesday night after striking out five times in one game against the Tampa Bay Rays. While that kind of performance usually warrants a boo, or a sarcastic “(fill in the player’s name) Sucks!”, do we, the fan base of the New York Yankees, want to be “those guys?”

What do I mean by “those guys?’ I mean those fans that everyone hates. The obnoxious Yankees fans that boo everyone. The harsh Yankees fans that spit on and heckle the players and wives of the players in the stands causing that player to not want to come play for the organization five years later when he hits free agency or holds the keys to his next destination due to a no-trade clause? I mean, I get it. The Yankees fans are some of the most passionate, and impatient at times, fans in the world… but it is my very humble, yet bias, opinion that we are the greatest fans in the world as well. Not only in Major League Baseball, but in all of the four major sports in North America. I truly believe that, so let’s start acting like that.

Yes, I know, this seems a little rich coming from me, the guy who predicted that the fans would do the same to recently acquired Brandon Drury in my bold predictions post. There is a difference between predicting a player would be showered by the Bronx cheers and actually condoning the act. I don’t condone the act, not for a player like Drury, a young guy like Tyler Wade, or for an All-Star like Giancarlo Stanton. Stay classy, New York. That’s all that I ask.

And speaking of classy, it’s raining tacos! I love you baby, and you are the classiest person I have ever met. You are my everything. Everything that is good in my life begins and ends with you. Stay classy and stay you. Thank you for being you and thank you for being mine.

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