Saturday, May 26, 2018

ARTICLE REVISIT: Twitter Poll: Which Current Yankee Would You Like to See Punch Jose Bautista in the Face?

So there I was sitting there watching the Yankees game on Tuesday night, the night that Nathan Eovaldi held the Toronto Blue Jays to just two hits in a contest New York had to win, when I got a random tweet on Twitter. The tweet is above from Franks Yanks asking me which member of the current Yankees roster I'd like to see punch Jose Bautista in the face. I graciously answered like I do every mention on Twitter and quickly informed him that I would be stealing his idea while giving him all the credit. This sounded like a Twitter Poll to me!
Brett Gardner:

Brian McCann:

Alex Rodriguez:

Bryce Harper????
CC Sabathia:

Michael Pineda:
Dellin Betances:
And by the way... my answer was.....

To be involved in our next Twitter poll, which we haven't done nearly enough this season and for that I apologize, head over to the app and give @GreedyStripes a follow. Then simply wait for us to tweet out a Twitter Poll tweet where we won't use your responses without letting you know they are going on the blog first.

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