Saturday, June 30, 2018

Hello… Predictions

Good morning Yankees family and welcome officially to the weekend, it’s Saturday and we made it. I wanted to start the morning off with something that I genuinely enjoy doing, making predictions for the upcoming game and season. Tonight, the Yankees will play host to the Boston Red Sox inside Yankee Stadium with a pitching matchup of Chris Sale vs. Sonny Gray.

Sonny Gray at home makes me want to go “ugh” while I am sure most of the Yankees offense had a similar reaction when they saw that the Red Sox left-handed ace was making the start. Well, everyone with the exception of Greg Bird I’d say.

So, my prediction. Greg Bird will continue his dominance over Sale and hit another home run tonight off of him in the Bronx. You can @ me, do it on Twitter. @GreedyStripes.

And my baby, I predict just another amazing day and weekend with you. Because love. I love you.

1 comment:

  1. Sonny Gray at home and pitching at night is a double whammy.
    Maybe , just maybe this is the game he shows why the Yankees traded for him.
    Frazier comes up Gardner gets hot , Frazier goes down Hicks struggles and Frazier comes up Hicks gets hot .Frazier goes down and Drury comes up and Bird and Andujar looks to get hot.
    Competition is good right.
    Goodbye Walker been fun having you on the roster ,Not.


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