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Fan Time!!! 

Hello there fellow Yankees Fans, Jay back again with another edition of Fan Time.  Today we have Robert Anderson, one of the admins from DIEHARD YANKEE FANS on Facebook. Robert is one of the most interesting interviews to date. He went in to some pretty good detail during the True and False faze.  I’m glad I had the pleasure of having Robert participate with this interview. Let’s get to it......

Jay: How long have you been a Yankee Fan ?

Robert: Been Yankees fan since birth. Born and raised in New York have lived in NY entire life. All of my immediate family are Yankees fans. Been going to old and new stadium entire life. THE  BRONX BOMBERS have always been a big part of my life.

Jay: Very cool.                                                        1st Yankee memory you remember?

Robert: My first memory of the Yankees was listening to the game on the radio with my Grandfather.

Jay: Biggest Yankee memory you have?

Biggest Yankee moment well I have witnessed so many live and on TV so I would say being at Jeters 3000th hit game was great. Jay: That is awesome! That is definitely a game I wish I was at. Favorite all time Yankee and Why?

Robert: My favorite Yankee in my life time Donnie baseball. Mattingly was one of the best defensive first basemen I ever seen and before his back injuries he raked better than most. Hit machine and when he went yard in the old stadium it was electric. But in honesty I do have different favorite players from each era or decades I could say.                  Jay: Care to name any? 

Robert: For example Mariano Rivera why because he dominated with basically one pitch and we witnessed him as the best closer in baseball history. 

Jay: Would the Yanks be better if Joe was still the manager or was Boone a better choice ? 

Robert: Record wise I am not sure Yankees would be much different if the manager was still Joe Girardi. The Yankees have been lucky over past 22 years in the manager role that's for sure. 

Jay: Yes indeed. They always seem hire the right man. Well at least at the time of the hiring. I feel if Joe was still here the Yanks might not be as good as they are. In your opinion what’s the Best trade deadline move the Yankees made ? 

Robert: Best trade deadline move so far was getting Happ and Lynn to veteran starters. So far so good for the most part. We all know pitching is huge part of winning it all.

Jay: Truth be told. Pitching is definitely key. However if I hold you to picking one which one would it be? 

Robert:  Happ he has been very good.  Jay: I’d agree. With Judge and Sanchez both on DL what would your lineup look like now ? 

Robert: My line up with Judge, Sanchez, and now Didi out would be as follows. 1. Gardner 2. Torres. 3. Hicks 4. Stanton 5. Bird 6. Romine. 7. Andujar 8. Walker 9. Torreyes

Jay: WOW. A little shocking to see Andujar so low with Torres so high. Reasoning? 

Robert: I prefer to have both towards bottom less pressure but I’m just throwing out a different look. Torres was a total beast before his short DL stint so I liked the lefty right switch hitter. And Andujar has killed it from bottom of line up all season. 

Jay:  Fair points. Who from next years free agent class do you sign?  Why ?

Robert: Next year free agent signing should be interesting that's for sure one player that we should try and sign whom has team option for 2019 is Madison Baumgartner so technically not a free agent unless option is not picked up by Giants. He is 29 and a 3 time world series champ he pitches best in playoffs based on his MLB history.

Jay: Very interesting. If he is free which the Giants won’t do yes indeed sign him up.  Other wise we’ll have to swing a trade. I am all for that if possible.  

What is your all time Yankee team using only players you have seen play ? (Tv or live) lineup and all. Full 25 man roster.....players can’t play out of position.  

Robert: My all time Yankees team would be as follows 1st base Don Mattingly, 2nd base Willie Randolph, SS Derek Jeter, 3rd base Alex Rodriguez, catcher Yogi Berra left field Babe Ruth center Mickey Mantle, right field Aaron Judge. DH Giancarlo Stanton Starting rotation. Whitey Ford Ron Guidry Andy Pettite, Luis Severino El Duque, Bull pen Mariano Rivera, Goose Gossage, Chapman Robertson, Mike Stanton. Dave righetti, Betances Sparky Lyle, Bench players lol, Joe DiMaggio Gleybor Torres, Miguel Andujar, Manager Joe McCarthy. Jay: Hmm...thinks we had a few rules broken there but will let it slide. I like the team I see. Now we have reached the True or False questions. 

Sonny Gray deserves another start?

Robert: Sonny gray stays in bull pen but does he deserve another start it? Well I would say yes if it's against a team he has had success against. He is young and had good stuff he just seems like he is not cut out for the Bronx.

Jay: Stanton Hits 50 HRs?Robert: Stanton will hit below 50 Homer's for 2018 but I am sure he will give it a good shot. 

Jay: The Yanks should be giving Justus Sheffield a start now? 

Robert: Sheffield will get his shot at coming up to the major but likely coming out of the pen

Jay: The yanks break the record for team Home Runs?

Robert: With three sluggers out of the lineup I think they come close to record but dont break it. You currently have 62 Homer's on DLJay: Yankees have 4 players with more then 30 Home Runs? 

Robert: I will say no to having 4 players hitting 30 plus Homer's. Two guys in 20s with Judge and Didi not sure when they get back. Stanton's there already and it would require hicks andujar and Torres to hit bombs like machines for rest of season lol

Jay: Yankees Win the World Series?

Robert: If we are on all cylinders come September and pitching is on point Yankees could have ability to win 2018 World Series. Do I expect them too as a fan yes but I it will be very tough to win the World Series with current 25 man with the injury bug

Jay: Greg Bird should be benched?

Robert: Greg Bird should not be benched he is right now our best option to play first. He could be finally coming out of the funk. That said if he doesn't finish 2018 strong he might be out of the role come 2019. 

Jay: Brett Gardner is a Yankee next Year? 

Robert: Everyone likes Gardy he always plays hard and is a consistent contributor overall, that said I am not 100 percent he is back if they decide to hit the free agent market. My choice keep Gardy He is excellent for the club house and is a take no shit warrior. Jay: Miguel Andujar is the AL ROY? 

Robert: Right now Andujar is rookie of the year. He maintains his steady bat this last several weeks of August and holds steady in September he will be the ROY and it will be well deserved.  

Jay: Any Final thoughts on the Yankees this year or next ?

2018 Yankees even with the ups and downs the dog days and current injuries the Bombers hold second best record in all of Baseball and if everyone comes back healthy for the final stretch it could get really interesting. I am not sure how many teams will want to face that line up when it's on all cylinders. 2019 I see some more new faces with the new core of young players Andujar. Torres Sanchez. Judge possible Frazier with the vets Stanton and Didi making 2019 another great season with World Series goal. It's only a matter of time with this young group. 

Jay: That about wraps up another edition of Fan Time. Robert thanks for joining me today. It’s been a great pleasure and what will be an amazing read.

Robert: Thanks for Having me. 

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Let’s G⚾️ Yankees! 

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