Monday, August 6, 2018

Yankees Go Belly Up in Boston! 

The Yankees were spwet in Boston, on Sunday night. The final game a crushing 5-4 extra in loss thanks to Chapman’s blown Save. The look says it all! Chapman walked the bases loaded to start the 9th (At which point where is Aaron Boone to pull him). The Yankee closer showed he didn’t have it on this night, but Boone stuck with him anyway, and the end result most likely killed any hope of the Yanks winning the AL East. The Yankees do need to right the ship, but do have the 3rd best record in baseball. That being said it’s no need to panic but time to get back to winning.  From what I’ve seen is time to shake up the lineup once more.  I’ll break down what I’m seeing in and what I think should happen. Firstly Aaron Hicks is not a lead off hitter and is way to streaky in that spot. If moved down in the lineup his outs wat at least get more productive. 

Secondly Mr Torres is proving he is not ready to be in the middle of the Yankees batting order. He is struggled is returning from the DL and it may just be the spot in the order in which is expected to produce from.  Also may be due to the pitches he sees bating 5th then the ones he does batting 9.

Sir Didi is not a 3 hitter and needs to start hitting more consistently bottom line. Whoever wouldn’t take Manny Machado over Didi needs there head examined. But that is a debate for another day. (Well thinking about it I’ll touch on that a little later). Neil Walker has been one of their best hitters since heating up. Greg Bird has shown some signs of life but still can’t get it going on a nightly basis but I love his potential pop.  The one issue I see is the Yankees don’t have a legit Leadoff option. So Gardner is should be. Anyways here is the line up the Bombers should be giving a try, at least until the back up gets healthy.  

  1. Gardner LF
  2. Stanton RF
  3. Bird 1B 
  4. Hicks CF 
  5. Walker DH 
  6. Gregorius SS
  7. Romine C 
  8. Andujar 3B 
  9. Torres 2B 

Putting the 2 rookies back at the bottom of the order may be what the Bombers need to turn over the lineup and get back to winning.  Greg Bird getting moved up may be the confidence builder he needs to finally stay consistent. Hopefully Judge, Sanchez, and Red Thunder can get back soon and provide the help they need. 

Now just some Quick thoughts on next years lineup and what the Bombers should look like to keep pace with the BoSox As I mentioned the Yankees need a leadoff hitter however I don’t see a legit one on this years free agent market might have to think about a trade there or getting creative. (Which might just save Sir Didi). Either way here goes nothing. 

  1. Manny Machado 3B 
  2. Aaron Judge RF 
  3. Bryce Harper CF 
  4. Giancarlo Stanton LF 
  5. Gray Sanchez C 
  6. Didi Gregorius SS 
  7. Miguel Andujar DH 
  8. Greg Bird 1B 
  9. Gleyber Torres 2B 

I know I know I’m dreaming here singing both Manny and Bryce but hey you never know. To be honest with you I’d rather see Didi traded to the reds for Billy Hamilton. Then giving you .....

  1. Hamilton CF
  2. Judge RF 
  3. Stanton DH 
  4. Harper LF 
  5. Machado SS 
  6. Sanchez C 
  7. Bird 1B 
  8. Andujar 3B 
  9. Torres 2B

Dream Big and Chase down the Red Sox, and damn does Manny and Bryce look awesome in Pinstripes. 

As always I can be reached at JamesCPalma@Yahoo.Com          Goodnight Fans!! 


  1. james c.......Interesting dream line-up. Who is your ace starter for
    that juggernaut ? Sonny Gray, Germain, or Kontos ?

    1. I’d sign Corbin and bring up Sheff. Gray is gone.
      1. Sevy
      2. Corbin
      3. Depends on a few things
      4. Adams
      5. Sheff

  2. Oh, my ! I can still hear the Boston fans laughing as they exit.
    The new Boston massacre.

    My hope is that they find a taker for Stanton, his contract, and his
    eight foot strike zone. NL MVP was a typo ? Right ?

    Sonny Gray should be on the waiver
    Nice guy Sonny, is either a jinx, or a cancer. It's also OK to add that
    game waster, Germain, to that waiver wire also.

    The savior, Kontos, needs his chance.
    Only dead men come back from 9 1/2 fathoms. Sad.

  3. Here goes , for a team that wanted more analytical manager I see some red flags here.( I love Boone over Girardi but prefer Showalter)
    1.Satanton absolutely was raking as the cleanup hitter until they moved him to the second spot after Judge went down. More at bats lower BA does not help the team.
    2.Torres is an absolute lower place hitter feasting off pitchers , the move up to cleanup and 5th absolute fail.Read the printout.
    3. Bird hits better in the 6th spot than anywhere else they have tred him.
    4.Walker was hitting .330 against LH pitching and we play somebody named Luke( I am no save the day Sky Walker)Voit hitting half his weight going against Boston pitching.
    5.Pulled CC an inning to early Thursday and used a none long man in that situation.
    6.We are playing Andujar out of position and is why some mistakes are made

    Here is the lineup until Judge and Sanchez gets back

    LF Gardner
    2B Torres
    SS DiDi
    RF Stanton
    CF Hicks
    1B Bird
    3B Andujar
    DH Walker
    C Romine

    Everyone returns

    LF Gardner
    RF Judge
    SS Didi
    DH Stanton
    1B Bird
    C Sanchez
    CF Hicks
    3B Andujar
    2B Torres

  4. Interesting lineup for now I’d give That a try also.
    Something needs to be done.
    And as far as the healthy line up goes I’d swap bird and Didi. Other wise looks very good.


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