Tuesday, October 9, 2018

ALDS Game Thread: New York Yankees @ Boston Red Sox

And just like that it is game time here in the Bronx between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Rivalry renewed. ALDS renewed. Game Four, let’s go. In the start tonight the Yankees will send CC Sabathia to the mound in front of his home crowd to face off with Rick Porcello for the Boston Red Sox. The game will be played at 8:07 pm ET inside Yankee Stadium and can be seen on TBS. You can also follow along with the game on WFAN with John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman. As much flak as Sterling and Waldman get from some Yankees fans, at least they aren’t these TBS announcers, right?

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  1. Prediction is gardy has the game winning hr. Ps I am so glad he's in there. I was a fan of the mccutch trade, but after he botched a ball off the green monster, I'd be fine with him never touching the field again.

    1. Walk the #9 hitter. Great.

    2. Sanchez.... A passed ball on a. CHangup... Runner advances to 3rd...

    3. I'm pulling cc. Every batter is a full count... Oh and there's er #2.

    4. Oh there's 3. Fucking brilliant.

  2. I'm just writing a recap now because these guys are a bunch of cowards.

    It's easy to mock people that say "too many homeruns" when they win. But clearly they focus on that means entirely too much. Who gives a shit if you have the hr record of you get embarrassed by Nathan eovaldi in the post season and get embarrassed in multiple games. Learn to hit with players on base. It doesn't need to be a homerun, you don't need to make the fucking espn highlight reel. They think they are bigger than the game and it's sickening.

    Boone has Sucked the entire season. I hate him.

    Luis severino has been shot since July. He should have sat for multiple months and then seen if he could get his shit together. Clearly that was an f-up.

    Don't take opponents for granted. Step on their throats and don't let up. Clearly happs record vs the bosox meant shit, as did cc's record in alds.

    Hopefully gleyber and andujar were humbled by this post season. Next year I won't be so nice. Torres Ave is bs bc he outhustled singles that were worthless.

    I can't help but feel this season was a step back. Our big pieces all collapsed-sevs was pathetic, sanchez should have his teeth kicked in, (sonny gray disaster?), and whatever the fuck happened at first base with that deadbeat. And then thanks jakob junis for ruining the only good thing we had. And thank you for Giancarlo Stanton, for so many meaningless stats.

    Cashman, you suck. You haven't done shit until we have a trophy. The bosses pocketbook is opened, go fix this trainwreck and maybe try to toughen up your team.

    100 wins and a completely pathetic second half.

  3. No big hacks. Just get on base, make him throw strikes. We need 3 across the plate. No asshole pop-ups.

  4. Stanton go back to Miami. Worst at bat of the night.


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