Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Yankees Offense vs. Rick Porcello Career

All stats and imagery credit go to ESPN and Baseball Reference.


  1. Let's make sure we have a game thread. I need a designated spot for my in game rants, Daniel!

  2. Too early for a trade rant ? Hell no !

    Here it is, without all the what if', and buts.
    Trade / or give John C. Stanton to a team that will take his contract also. Don't ask for a player in return. I'd even give that team a player.
    The contract part is mandatory. I'd start with the Dodgers, his home town.

    Sign Bryce Harper.

    1. Patrick! I've thought long and hard about this. I hate having 2 guys with 200+ k in a season, so #1 thought is trade Stanton and 1- sign Machado for 3rd and move andujar to dh.

      But! Starting pitching market completely sucks, and I'm thinking we need to part with andujar in a package to get that ace. So, sign Machado... I guess we can still part with Stanton, depending if frazier still has a "headache (ps longest concussion I've ever seen.... ) Our starting pitchers are pathetic, there's no better word. And sure, sevs, ace, blah blah 24,i haven't seen said ace since before all star break. Ace my ass. He should be ashamed of himself, and sleep in his filth like an animal.

      Yea, still not giving up on this season, hopefully lots more to play! But some people can't cut it in ny- eovaldi, gray, Stanton. He's better suited to go back to Miami and rot in the cellar of the nl east, and hit up "da club"

    2. And ps. This was Bryce harpers "off "year, still best out Stanton. 35ish hr, 100 rbi, batted 0.250 but a 0.400 obp .I'm game.


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