Friday, January 11, 2019

Machado And Harper Are Not The Only Free Agents To Covet

I get it, Manny Machado and Bryce Harper being a free agents is huge. It's rare that players as good as they are, and at their age, can be acquired via free agency. But if you've been so focused on what's going on with Machado and Harper that you haven't paid any attention to other free agent hitters then you're missing out on someone that could be an excellent signing for the Yankees.

Marwin Gonzalez is someone every team would, or at least should, want to have on their roster. While he may not be the same hitter he was for the Astros in 2017, when he slashed .303/.377/.530, I have no doubt that he'll at least be a slightly above average hitter. Not to mention that the combination of him just now entering his age 30 season, and the likelihood of him agreeing to a contract of no more than 4 years at a much lower AAV than the aforementioned two, is very attractive.

It's not Marwin's bat that makes me hope the Yankees sign him, though. There are plenty of players out there that could give a team slightly above average offensive production. But look at what position, or I should say what positions, Marwin can play.

In 2018 alone Gonzalez played at least 176 innings at first base, second base, shortstop, and left field (he played the most in left field at 533 innings). That type of flexibility would make Aaron Boone smile extremely wide.

Not only could Marwin play left field instead of the declining Brett Gardner, he could also help solidify what has been a sore spot at first base, and if the Yankees miss out on Machado he could help at shortstop should Tulowitski get hurt again or play poorly.

With or without Machado, Gonzalez would be a big boost to the Yankees. Just take a look...

with Machado
1. Hicks - CF
2. Judge - RF
3. Machado - SS
4. Stanton - DH
5. Andujar - 3B
6. Sanchez - C
7. Gonzalez - LF
8. Voit/Bird - 1B
9. Torres - 2B

without Machado
1. Hicks - CF
2. Judge - RF
3. Andujar - 3B
4. Stanton - DH
5. Sanchez - C
6. Voit/Bird - 1B
7. Gonzalez - LF
8. Tulowitski - SS
9. Torres - 2B

note: I'm not trying to get into a conversation about the batting order, just showing you what could happen here.

And that assumes everyone is and stays healthy. Having someone like Gonzalez that could cover you very well should you be hit with an injury at four different positions is huge.

Look, if the Yankees don't sign Marwin I won't be too upset about it, unlike if they pass on both Machado and Harper (these are extremely rare opportunities, guys!). But Gonzalez should absolutely be on Brian Cashman's radar.

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  1. Ok here goes , unless they plan on making Bird the 1B full time the Yankees are to RH unless you sign a Machado who can hit both the sogning of both Tulo ( a freebie) and D.J. to much RH bats and not enough LH batters.
    I would had thought before signing D.J. maybe trading for Scooter in Cincy if they didn't get Machado.
    Now you dont sign Machado who is 3 years younger than Didi and a better hitter you are banking you can sign Didi next year as a FA.
    Hicks will also be a FA and I still would had taken a shot at Harper if I was not going to sign Machado because he hits better than Hicks and we could play Gardner in CF and trade Hicks maybe to Cincy for Scooter but with the DJ signing I don't see that happening.
    If we get good Jordy this year at the end of the year that will help but if we get bad Jordy it will change.
    Still think we need Sonny Gray becaise of CC.


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