Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring Training Day 10

10 days into Yankees spring training camp already huh? Where does the time go?

Joe Girardi came out today and said "the only two locks in the rotation are CC Sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda" and that the rest of the rotation spots are up for grabs. Personally I think this is nothing more then making competition out of nothing because if anyone believes that Nova and Pineda are not going to be in this rotation then they are dreaming or a Yankees hater. Girardi claims that the starting rotation is NOT only limited to Hughes vs Garcia but raise your hand if you believe him... I'll wait...... No hands? Exactly!

Girardi also pretty much stated that Cano would be in the 3 spot, as my friend Bryan said in an earlier post, for the 2012 season. I think this is the best move for the Yankees for next season and beyond. You put your best hitter in the #3 spot and he is absolutely our best hitter no doubt. I am glad to see that Girardi had to gonads to finally make a hard decision that "hurt" or changed the routine of a veteran player (Mark Teixeira).

Joba Chamberlain finally threw off of a full mound today, only throwing 16 pitches. He looked great and felt great but this is just the first step in the long process of getting back on the field in a real game. He will be re-evaluated tomorrow to see how he feels but everything looks good in the Joba camp and he still hopes to be back in the Bronx well ahead of schedule. Speaking of tommy john surgery survivors David Aardsma arrived at Yankees camp donning the #34 jersey that AJ Burnett has worn the last 3 seasons so I guess that puts to bed any chance of the Yankees retiring it right? By the way Aardsma is eyeing an all star break return to the Yankees pen.

Minimal news but David Robertson and Boone Logan both threw batting practices today and both looked and felt great. The bridge to Mariano Rivera has all appeared in spring training and all look and feel good. Health is always a good thing in spring training camp , especially before our first game on March 2nd. Until then join us at TheGreedyPinstripes.com for all your up to date spring training news and notes. Go Yankees.

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