Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Brett Gardner & Michael Pineda Update

Joe Girardi said that he did not think Brett Gardner would be able to come off the DL on Thursday, when first eligible, against the Kansas City Royals. Brett was scheduled to take live batting practice for the first time since going on the DL with elbow issues but at the time of this post we did not know how that went. The Yankees want Brett to be in a game or two of rehab before coming back up to the majors so I am still OFFICIALLY leading the Bobby Abreu watch.

Michael Pineda's labrum surgery went well today according to the doctor, which is always a good sign. The normal timetable to be out is a full year, so May 1st 2013, but I am already hearing rumors that he COULD be back in as soon as 10 months. Medicine is getting better and better every day so it is very possible, especially with as young as Pineda is, to have him back to start the season next year.... but let us not get TOO ahead of ourselves. Get well Michael!

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