Friday, May 18, 2012

Interleague Play Begins Today

Love it or hate it... interleague play is back and while on that note it's worth stating that it will be year round starting next season but I digress. The Yankees have the best interleague record of any team in baseball, sweet music to my ears and to the ears of a struggling team. Not to mention that we are going home also music to the ears of the Yankees players who have struggled on the road this season.

The Yankees start their interleague play with three games at home against the Cincinnati Reds. Andy Pettitte, Ivan Nova (scheduled), and CC Sabathia will be pitching for us so I fully expect a sweep here. Go Yankees and go interleague play! Love it or hate it, personally I love it, interleague is here to stay. I may not say that when I see our pitchers having a .068 BA this season but that is because I'm a GREEDY Yankees fan.

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