Friday, June 29, 2012

Jim Thome and the Yankees

I was just over at and read something from Jayson Stark saying that the Phillies would start listening to offers for Jim Thome. The problem for the Phils is that Thome can't play the field anymore due to his back, therefore he's become a DH-only in a league that doesn't give teams a DH (*stupid*cough*stupid*).

Thome has said he'd like to return to a team that he already played for, but since the White Sox already have Adam Dunn, and the Indians will soon get back Travis Hafner, that option just isn't possible. But... is the option of being dealt to the Yankees a possibility? I say "no".

Although I'd love to see Jim walking up to the plate, instead of either Andruw Jones or Lord Voldemort's long-lost brother, the cost to get him wouldn't be worth it. Now, I'm not saying Jim Thome isn't worth what Philadelphia could get for him. What I'm saying is Jim Thome is not worth the cost to the Yankees.

The Yankees have to give guys like Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter half days off, meaning they DH instead of playing the field. In that case Thome would ride the bench. Sounds okay in theory, but in practice that means the Yankees would have traded away some good prospects for a guy that doesn't play everyday.

To put it another way, the cost of acquiring Jim Thome is too much not to play hin everyday. So I'm sorry to say that you'll be seeing more of Jones and Ibanez.

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