Saturday, July 7, 2012

Exclusive Interview With Alan Horne

The Greedy Pinstripes has snagged an exclusive interview with former Yankees starting pitcher and farm hand Alan Horne. We want to thank Mr. Horne for taking the time to answer our questions and be an all around friendly and nice guy for a small time blog like ourselves.

Alan was one of the Yankees pitchers that seemed to be the "next big thing" much like Adam Warren and David Phelps are now but a shoulder injury set him back for good unfortunately. He did not let them keep him back or knock him down though and he continues to do his thing and live his life so kudos to him. Now on to the interview.

Was your dream as a child always to be a baseball player? If not then what did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a baseball player as long as I can remember. I didn't really play other sports when I was younger besides soccer for a few years and it was more to get in shape for baseball season. I've always been kind of an all in or not at all person and baseball was the only sport I was like that with. When I wasn't playing I was hunting or fishing. Truth be told my dream as a little guys was to play baseball long enough that I could be famous enough to have my own hunting and fishing show. Aspirations of a small town country kid I guess.

What team did you root for growing up as a kid? 

For whatever reason growing up I loves the cardinals. I have no idea why because I had absolutely no ties to them what so ever. 

Favorite player(s) growing up? 

My favorite players growing up were definitely Nolan Ryan, Mark McGwire, and Dale Murphy.

Your biggest inspiration when it came to baseball? 

My biggest inspiration was definitely my dad. He was a heck of a ball player himself playing at Chipola Junior College and Florida State. Unfortunately he had his career derailed by injuries as well. He taught how to do things the right way from the very beginning. That was the only option I had and I have a deep respect for him teaching the game to me that way.

Favorite moment as a Yankees prospect? 

My favorite moment would have to be the culmination of the 2007 season. I was lucky enough to have a great season, get named pitcher of the year, and go up to NY for several days after our season. I'll never forget that phone call from Cash congratulating me and telling me he would see me soon.

Who was the best prospect in the Yankees system that you ever played with? 

You know I played with so many talented guys.....Ian Kennedy, Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes, David Robertson, Brett Gardner, Austin really goes on and on so it's hard to pick a best or favorite. If I had to pick a player and pitcher who I admired how they played the game and loved watching them play it would have been Brett and Ian. They are both ultimate competitors and even more outstanding guys. I'm still close with them to this day.

Do you keep in touch with any other current or former Yankees prospects or coaches? 

I keep in touch with a lot of guys and a handful of coaches as well. Our lifestyle is a kind of fraternity I guess and will forever share bonds with the people we play with.

Hardest part of being a prospect? 

Being a prospect was never hard for me because I was very goal oriented and had bigger hopes and dreams than any person could have had for me. Unfortunately things didn't work out but I got to leave the game knowing it wasn't that I wasn't good enough or I didn't work hard enough. Just some bad breaks and that's the way the game works.

Why did you decide to sign with the Yankees when they drafted you and not the Angels or the Indians? 

Ya know what all three teams are great organizations and it was never about that. I tried to make the decision that was right for me at the time in each case. I'll be forever grateful to each for giving me an opportunity and extremely proud of being a Yankee for 7 years. Not everyone gets to be a part of the greatest organization in professional sports and I'll cherish every up and down that went with it. 

Do you have plans to try and give baseball another shot? Do you have long term goals and plans for life after baseball? 

Again unfortunately I'm done with baseball. My shoulder is to the point where it is pretty miserable for me just to play catch. I'd have to have another shoulder surgery just to try again and it just wasn't worth it after all I've been through. As for plans after baseball I'm currently in training to become a State Farm Agent in Jasper, Georgia. It would have been way too hard for me to stay in baseball after everything that happened. I don't think I could be around it everyday. And this is a great opportunity. Instead of coaching baseball it gives me a chance to coach people in financially structuring their lives so they too can one day have a chance to achieve all their hopes and dreams. It's something I'm very excited about and look forward to.

How are you adjusting to living in small town America? 

Small town America is no adjustment for me. It's how I've lived my whole life and wouldn't have it any other way now that I am through with baseball

Most famous person in your cell phone? 

Most famous person. I have no idea. I'll probably have to give my buddy Ian props on that one haha.

Most embarrassing song/artist in your ipod? 

And as far as my iPod goes I'm quite prejudice in the fact that I have the best iPod ever assembled. No bad or embarrassing stuff on there haha.

Again we want to thank Mr. Alan Horne for taking the time for the interview. Guy is a great guy he has never shyed away from talking to me or taking the time for me on facebook and for this blog. It is also cool because I am 15 minutes away from his State Farm Office in Jasper, Georgia! Good luck in all your travels Alan and thank you again!

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