Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tyler Austin Out Of Futures Game


The Yankees sole representative in the Futures Game and Greedy Pinstripes follower on twitter, super prospect Tyler Austin,  is out of the game because of being hit in the head with a pitch and being placed on the DL. That has to be heartbreaking for him as I know it is heart breaking for me as a fan for him to miss this opportunity. Especially when his mother, Kim Austin (@austinmom03) , says that he is fine, The Yankees just seem to be being cautious and using the "better safe then sorry" method. There is no indication who, if anybody, will be replacing him in the game. It would be an easy fix to just replace him with Yankees outfielder Mason Williams who is also deserving of going, from the same country, and plays the outfield as well but I do not make those decisions. 

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