Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New York Yankees : Where Injuries Happen

I was just looking at the Yankees disabled list, and thought of all the guys that have been on the DL, and I thought "how in the hell are we even in the discussion for a playoff spot"? I do not even know how we have the best record in baseball let alone being in the discussion. Let us look at the current DL and players for the Yankees that have been on the DL:

David Aardsma - Tommy John Surgery
Cesar Cabral - Stress Fracture In Elbow
Joba Chamberlain - Tommy John Surgery & Ankle Dislocation
Pedro Feliciano - Shoulder Surgery
Brett Gardner - Elbow Surgery
Brad Meyers - Shoulder Strain
Andy Pettitte - Ankle Fracture
Michael Pineda - Labrum Tear
Mariano Rivera - Torn ACL
Alex Rodriguez - Broken Hand
Austin Romine - Back
Nick Swisher - Left Hip Flexor
CC Sabathia - Groin Strain
David Robertson - Oblique
Eduardo Nunez - Thumb

That is the makings of a pretty impressive team right there. I may even be forgetting someone as I am doing this off the top of my head. Then when you consider that our two top pitching prospects, Jose Campos and Manny Banuelos, have been hurt.... Good Grief Charlie Brown.

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