Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yankees Call Up Ramiro Pena.... For Now

The Yankees announced today that they have called up Ramiro Pena to replace Alex Rodriguez on the 25 man roster. Ramiro has been down in the minors becoming a super utility player learning the outfield while perfecting his in-fielding skills. This is just a  temporary fix though , in my opinion, with the trade deadline less then 6 days away.

The Yankees, right away, were linked to guys like Chase Headley, Ty Wiggington, Placido Polanco, and a slew of other available third basemen. Chase Headley makes the most sense with him being cheap, fiscally, and under team control for a while but then you run into the problem of what to do with the guy when Alex Rodriguez gets back. Also for that cheapness and that team control you also tend to have to pay more.... I do not want to have to pay more for a guy for two months then to ride the bench.

The Yankees, who looked to have a quiet trade deadline, look to be buyers now. This should be an interesting July 31st trade deadline to say the least. 

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