Monday, November 24, 2014

Most Popular Article of the Week: Justin Upton to the Yankees

First and foremost I want to start this post by explaining that this is pure speculation. I do not have any inside sources, I did not read anywhere that a deal is being discussed or even a possibility, etc. It's the offseason and it's the time to dream, live in a Playstation sort of world, and have fun. Let's do it.

Whether or not the Atlanta Braves are in full sell mode or not remains to be seen but the Tommy La Stella and Jason Heyward trades made you wonder what's going on in the ATL. I understand the team is "starved" for starting pitching but at what point does one begin to scratch their heads and wonder what John Hart's ultimate plan is. Does he know more then you or I, yes he does by the way, and will the Braves exceed expectations in 2015 or are these two deals simply a precursor to a bigger deal, a deal involving Justin Upton?

If the latter is true the New York Yankees need to pick up the phone right now and make this happen. One thing the Yankees have been lacking for over two seasons now is right handed power and Upton has that as evident by his 29 home runs in 2014. The problem is where do you play the aforementioned Upton brother? He plays left field in Turner Field, why not left field in Yankee Stadium?

Atlanta is looking towards the now and the future so while Upton has one year left on his deal Gardner still has four at a very team friendly price. Gardner makes the Braves lineup more dynamic while the Yankees offense gets better ten fold in my opinion. Add in a Bryan Mitchell (or Shane Greene although my preference is to hold on to Greene) and Austin Romine who is out of options and a viable backup for Christian Bethancourt and I think a deal gets done.

So what say you, do you pull the trigger? Let us know in the comments section.


  1. After reading all morning about how much reloading Boston is doing, I think they have to try to make this happen. As much as I would hate to see Gardner go, we can't go through next season with the same stagnant offense we had last season. We have to have a power bat in the middle of our lineup.

    ............Boston has reloaded big time. And, we have Chris Young. Jesus.
    Boston has two Cubans also. You can laugh at Boston, but they get it.

    Boston could come out of the gates running, and not look back.

    When Jeff says stagnant offense, he probably meant putrid, or vapid. He was being kind.
    Boston has done this before, and it has worked. Going from awful to very, very good.
    Look for them to now add arms.

    Speaking of arms.....can anyone feel secure in naming the five Yankee starters at the end of May ?
    I have no idea, nor can I name five starters as of right now.

    No pitching, and a Chris Young offense featuring Stephen Drew. God help us.

    Jeff, the first three beers are on me. After that, ask Burch to buy you one.
    Take care.

  3. I agree that the team definitely needs to do SOMETHING. What that something is I'm not sure. I just hope if the team does pull the trigger on an Upton trade it comes with a negotiating window or something before the season starts. I'd hate to lose Gardner for one season of Upton.

  4. What's scary is Boston now has one or two of Brock Holt, Allen Craig, Yoenis Cespedes, Shane Victorino to trade PLUS the cash to sign Lester back or bring in Shields or Scherzer.

    .....Yes, Boston has all those chips, along with cash to enhance their pitching.
    No worry....Dr. Andrews, and Chris Young will lead us from the darkness.
    The 2015 season could be over by Memorial Day.
    Candles will be rendered useless.

    .....glad to have you back on board again. Your feisty swagger was missed.

    Question : Can you name the starting five for the Yankees at the end of May ?
    I get to Tanaka, and Mr. Grease Paint...Pinada. ........After that, it is all a fog.
    Give it a shot. Take care.

  7. I am with the trade of Brett for a real good bat, but the thing is, until Brett hurt his ribs he was great and leading the team in a few categories. The scuttle butt around his 2nd year was, the hitter behind him didn't like him stealing and dancing around 1st base while he was hitting. If he is traded or not maybe he can go back to taking that extra base as he once did.

  8. I would like the Yankees to go after and get those two Cuban players. I am bad with names but, the SS and the OF guys. Let the best three guys play in the outfield and the other one (Beltran) DH.
    As for the SS, if he is as good as they say he is start him in AA, AAA if good enough and bring him up next year...or sooner if he can cut it. Hell, Jeter made well over 35 errors the year before he came up.

    To hell with the pitching, we need bats. We have about 7 guys that can start games and do very well at it. None are Cy Young types except maybe Tank and Pinada, but we have Green, McCarthy, Phelps, Nova (later), Capuano, Banuelos, CC just off the top of my head.
    D-Rob doesn't come will hurt...but, we will still have a strong BP, with the arms we have on the farm and replacing one or more of those that were with us last year. Putting Phelps and Man-bam in the BP will be a very good move, IF not needed in the starting rotation.

  9. LASANGA : the Burch's ?.......What say you, Officer Reed ?

    They have two trays in the ice box. I'll meet you in Philadelphia, and then it's on to Ellijay ?
    I'm sure the Burch's would welcome us in the dark of night. You might even eat both trays.
    But I can't mention the young man becoming a sailor ? You've never been to Naples.

    Glad to see you are now open to moving pieces, to improve this squad.
    The Red Sox are six yards ahead, and we have no pitching. Wounded no counted.
    Time is at hand, to improvise.

    1. That is true Patrick, but they have owners that know something about letting the baseball people do their job. Our owner and the Cabal want to run things because they are Bookkeepers and think of the money first then the team.
      IF, the Boss was still running things he would clean house, of those that didn't do their jobs. Guys like Beltran, CC, Tex and wait on the outcome of spring training for a verdict on A-Rod.
      He would have had the top Cubans on the Yankees right now! One to two of the top pitchers also.
      But the Boss, would be keeping the farm in the stone ages also.

    2. Patrick, I have always believed in moving players to improve the team. But I don't believe in trading one player to fill a hole in one spot and make a hole somewhere else. IF we can get a player worth our player and will help the team then we must do it. Trading a player such as Brett, to get a player that can hit but isn't a good defender makes little sense to me. What good is it if he gives up as many runs as he knocks in? Not every OF can play left field in Yankees' home fact, not many can!

  10. Imagine facing a lineup of Rusney Castillo, Yoenis Cespedes, Hanley Ramirez, Pablo Sandoval, David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia, Xander Bogaerts, Mike nappybeard, and whoever they have at catcher... 27 times a season.... this is not going to be good.

  11. Down to a pan and a half of lasagna.. better hurry.

    1. IMAGINE :
      .............In a few months you won't have to imagine any longer.
      And, it happened so quickly. And, it's not over yet....they want pitching.

      I repeat, but they will fly out of the starting gate. No looking back
      Cow Boy-Up, men with beards, who knows this year. I admire them.

      The Yankees ?...At this point in time, I say turn off the respirator, and call a priest.
      Their fan base is far from stupid. The can sense it also. Time to get moving.

      My father was a U.S. Army Calvary Man. The 101, General Custer's outfit, out of
      Fort Devens, Mass. (Yes, they rode horses before Pearl Harbor.)
      When he wanted things done at home, he would always say.." Saddle-Up "
      It's is time the Yankees saddled up. may have to Fed-Ex the lasagna to Officer Reed.

    2. Patrick, that lasagna would do me in but, I really appreciate the invite, from Daniel!
      My Great-Great-Great Grandfather (and before them) were all in the Army, of one Nation or another. As befitting one of our (stupid Black Irish) lineage, none made it past 35 except for two of them. One made it to 42 and I am still kicking at 77. My son made it into and out of the Army Rangers and is now settled down at 50 something! Our saying was "run from the sound of shots"! Did I ever tell you how fast I could run? LOL

    3. Daniel, as Patrick said, the Yankees need to "Saddle-up"!
      I can't see this ownership doing the things need to make us a force to be reckoned with at all!
      The moves to be made are very obvious to me and many of the fans! You are a win now guy (am I wrong?) I am in for the long haul.
      I say, bring up as many of the kids as we can fit into the line-up! Get rid of Young and Beltran (if out of shape), along with CC if he isn't going to help us. Sign Yoan Moncada for SS (this year). Play Pirela in right field (unless they sign the Cuba OF) and put Refsnyder at 2nd base. That puts Prado as the utility guy or 3rd base. IF any of the others fail, we would have Prado to fill in. That leaves us with two HR hitters (maybe more) McCann, Tex and A-Rod(?). I just think having five+ guys hitting 10 to 15 home-runs is better than depending on one or two guys to be at bat were a bomb is needed.
      That is the cheap way to go about it, I should think. Besides that, there is NO way we can out do what the Rsox have already done...this year!

  12. My worry is with Hanley and Panda off the board the Yankees could go out and get the rest of the top 20 free agents and we'd still be losing games 1-0 and 2-1. Without a trade we're effed....

    FYI I am both. I believe with a payroll above $200 million and a machine that can generate over $500 million without blinking an eye the team we should be able to do both.... win now and later.

  13. A TIME TO LOSE :
    ...........................A hot July weekend in Boston, Yanks in town for a four game wrap around.
    Yanks try to out slug this years Sox. Drew leaves 18 men on base, and Alex can't run to first...
    the hip is acting up. Yankees lose four straight to the Boston Cubans.

    ...........................Mid August, Yankees need to sweep Boston, to get to twelve games out.
    Prado starts in place of an ailing 2-11 Sabathia. Boston scores in every inning. The Yanks
    go back on the road 16 games out. Kevin Long is named manager.

    I can do this all day. My fear is, I'm right on the mark.

    ....................................Sorry, but the lack of commentary here deflates me. Saps my spirit.
    If all was dark, and quiet...fine. But man, there is a lot circulating in the rumor winds. A lot !!

    At times I just want to leave. This non activity is foreign to me.
    Into my second year here, or is it three, and the water is still carried only by a small few.

    In truth, I stay because I am linked to Ken Reed, through so many years, of fighting the good fight.
    I will never leave out Daniel people don't know what you have with him.
    After that, it goes flat line here.

    I care not what others say.....but Tommy Twasp, perhaps the most cerebral, and humorous
    poster there ever was, was lost due to silence here.

    Maybe that's the way it is supposed to be, and I'm the burr in your jockey shorts.

    I'm venting, but I'm reaching the end of the road.
    Winter San Diego this year...Dec. 7-11. For what it is worth.

    1. Patrick,
      I have said time and again Twasp had more talent than most writers on the blogs.

      I am sorry, Twasp was the most outrageous instigator I have ever come across. I am sorry about the way things turned out (in a way), but more so that YOU of all people, never saw what he was doing at the other site. He kept things steared up with his comments!

      I like being a Devils Advocate...because some fans play follow the leader and don't think for themselves.
      As for this team, I will keep being a fan of the team, but we NEED a NEW OWNER, someone that is not making a living off the team as is the case with the extended "Bosses" family.
      You are a fine person Patrick, stick it out here with Daniel, he has opened up a home for you to vent and complain about your team...the New York Yankees!

  15. Don't get discouraged patrick, I'm not getting discouraged. Bleeding Yankee Blue gets over a million views a year and we get more comments then they do. It's a process, a long process sometimes.

  16. Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families. Has anyone seen Cashman on a building anywhere?

    1. Ken Hans, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! May you and yours be well!

    2. Happy late Thanksgiving to both Ken's! Hope you're well and you're turkey drunk.


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