Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Victorino The Newest Dodger

With the Dodgers trading for Shane Victorino today, after adding Hanley Ramirez last week, I thought I'd add a bit to the Trade Reaction that was posted yesterday.

I had the Dodgers winning the NL West already. Although the pitching for the Dodgers and Giants is close, I  though LA had the better offense. Shane's line of .261/.324/.401 so far this season isn't going to give the Dodger lineup that big a boost, but it does improve their situation. After all, Victorino does have 24 stolen bases, so when he does get on base he's a pest. And seeing as how the Dodgers have gotten -0.9 WAR out of their left-fielders (I'm assuming Kemp stays in CF), it can only make them better.

However, it still doesn't mean anything to the Yankees, as I expect the National League Pennant winner to be one of Washington or St. Louis.

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