Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Would You Give Cano 10 Yrs 200 Million?

All signs point to the Yankees having to really over pay to keep Robinson Cano a Yankee, especially if they do not wait until he is a free agent like they normally do. Scott Boras even went as far as to hint towards a 10 year $200 million contract to keep the slugger. My question to you is should the Yankees be willing to give him this contract in order to keep him?'

I personally have to say yes. Robinson Cano's do not come around very often, his defense is great, his bat is great and consistent, he has been very durable and has a great club house attitude. The ONLY problem is that Robinson Cano will be 30 years old this August so he would be 40 by the time the contract expires. My thing is though how can we give Alex Rodriguez a contract through his age 42 season and NOT give Cano his big pay day?

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