Monday, July 2, 2012

Yankees Sign Luis Torrens, Yancarlos Baez, & Alex Palma

The Yankees, on the first day of international free agent signings, wasted no time in signing three guys from the international pool of talent. The new collective bargaining agreement, as a reminder to all, only allows the Yankees to spend $2.9 million this time around.

Luis Torrens is a 16 year old Venezuelan catching prospect who signed for $1.3 million. Yancarlos Baez is a Dominican 16 year old short stop prospect who signed for $650K. These two are considered to be "big splashes" in the international market while Alex Palma signed a $800K deal as a 16 year old Venezuelan outfielder prospect.

The Yankees, after these three signings, only have $150K left to spend on international players so dont expect any more big names to come off the board to Yankee land.

Torrens was considered the 2nd best prospect in this years international pool and Alex Palma was considered the 4th best international free agent in this years draft. Baez is not listed in the top 20 prospects but he seems to be a good find with switch hitting power and average or above everything else.


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