Monday, August 27, 2012

8 Current Yankees With At Least 200 Home Runs

With Curtis Granderson's 200th career home run yesterday in Cleveland the Yankees currently have 8 active players with at least 200 career home runs. That is an amazing stat if you think about it to have that many current players with that many home runs in one lineup. Granted some guys had most of theirs with other teams but still impressive nonetheless.

Alex Rodriguez - 644
Andruw Jones - 433
Mark Teixeira - 337
Raul Ibanez - 267
Derek Jeter - 253
Eric Chavez - 245
Nick Swisher - 204
Curtis Granderson - 200

The next highest home run total is Robinson Cano at 169 career so expect him to reach the 200 plateau sometime next year. Too bad it is a bad thing to hit too many home runs #sarcasm


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    1. It kind of is true though come playoff time and that is all that really matters to me...


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