Monday, August 27, 2012

Roger Clemens Looks Good In Independent League

Roger Clemens, at age 50, proved that he can still get hitters out. Those hitters may be in the Independent League but still that league is full of former majors leaguers. Roger Clemens pitched 3.1 IP in his first start in nearly five years while striking out two guys, allowing one hit, no walks, while throwing 37 pitches and hitting as high as 88 mph.

Obviously Clemens is trying to get back to the majors to delay his Hall of Fame eligibility, which would reset if he throws just one major league pitch this season, but he is not saying that. If he just has the competitive spirit and wants to pitch in the Independent League to get it out of his system, fine. Just do not lie to us yet "again" Roger and that will go farther then five years of waiting and hoping that people "misremember" your perjury trial and steroid accusations.

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