Friday, August 3, 2012

Casey McGehee The 2009 Version Of Eric Hinske?

Let us forget the whole part about Eric Hinske going to the World Series for so many consecutive seasons and their obvious differences in position and look at how similar that these two players are. I think we all can agree that Eric Hinske , a role player, was an integral part to the Yankees winning the World Series in 2009 but will we see a repeat with McGehee? Let us take a look...

I, for obvious reasons, am going to compare Hinske's 2009 season to McGehee's 2012 season. Hinske was a part time player at this point in his career where McGehee has been a "full time" player in Milwaukee. With that said let us look at the stats.

  • At this point in the season, before the Yankees game started against the Mariners on Friday 8/3/12, both players have played 93 games each. 

  • Eric Hinkse at this point had a total of 8 home runs.. the same amount as Casey McGehee through his 93 games.

  • Hinkse had 25 rbi's through 93 games and McGehee has 36 rbi's.

  • Eric Hinske was barely over the mendoza line but had 100 points higher on his OBP then his BA which means he was drawing his walks. McGehee does not tear the cover off the ball by any means with a .228 AVG but he has a OBP that is 71 points higher which means he also can take a walk when he needs to.

  • Both players had exactly a 0.6 WAR through 93 games.

  • The Yankees love extra base hits, especially home runs, and both players had nearly identical double numbers with 13 for Hinske and 12 for McGehee. 

  • Neither players are slouches in the field. While McGehee only has 2 more errors then Hinske did in 2009 that is only because Hinkse did not have a single error in 2009. 

  • Just for fun Hinske was 31 years old when we acquired him (and turned 32 later in 2009) and Casey McGehee is currently 30 years old and will be 31 this year.

Do these stats mean anything? Probably not. I really just posted them for fun but it is kind of scary just how similar these two players in two different situation are. If it gets us a World Series ring then that is even better.

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