Saturday, August 18, 2012

Red Sox @ Yankees 8/18/12


The Grandy Man Can for the 32nd time! 2-1 Red Sox
Yankees lose 4-1
David "Mr. Confidence" Phelps
The rivalry is renewed once again this afternoon as the New York Yankees host the Boston Red Sox in the second game of a three game weekend set. On the mound for the Yankees will be David Phelps who is replacing CC Sabathia or the second consecutive time in his rotation spot. Hopefully, not that David has not pitched great all season long, this will be the last time he has to start to replace CC this season. On the mound for the Red Sox is Jon Lester. The game will be televised at 4:05 pm ET on Fox, which for some reason never bodes well for us.


1. Jeter DH
2. Swisher 1B
3. Cano 2B
4. Jones RF
5. McGehee 3B
6. Granderson CF
7. Martin C
8. Nix SS
9. Suzuki LF

Go Yankees!!

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