Thursday, October 11, 2012

ALDS Game 4: Orioles @ Yankees


Robinson Cano RBI ground out ties the game at 1-1 in the 6th

The Yankees are riding a huge wave of momentum I have renamed "Raul Ibanez" after their come back and eventual walk off win last night against the Baltimore Orioles. The Yankees seemed doomed last night after we had to watch Mariano Rivera throw out the first pitch and not the last pitch in the game last night. We then had to watch Derek Jeter foul a ball off his foot/ankle and be replaced defensively by Jayson Nix. To top it all off we had to watch our struggling 3B with 5 years and $114 million left on his contract be pinch hit for by a 40 year old bench platoon DH type guy. All that and the Yankees are still up two games to one heading into tonight with Phil Hughes on the mound looking to pop a bottle or two. Trying to force a game five for the Orioles will be Joe Saunders who has already shut down the Texas Rangers this post season in the Wild Card game. The game will be televised at 7:37 pm ET on TBS.


1. Derek Jeter, DH
2. Ichiro Suzuki, LF
3. Mark Teixiera, 1B
4. Robinson Cano, 2B
5. Alex Rodriguez, 3B
6. Nick Swisher, RF
7. Russell Martin, C
8. Curtis Granderson, CF
9. Jayson Nix, SS

Go Yankees!!


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