Saturday, October 6, 2012

Casey McGehee Will Not Be On ALDS Roster

We heard reports come down the wire that the last playoff roster spot would come down to Casey McGehee and Andruw Jones. As many of you know this really hurts my brain to read that Girardi reported that Casey McGehee would not be added to the roster which, by default, seems like Andruw Jones will be on the roster. Casey McGehee should get the call over Andruw Jones anyway just based on stats, the way they play the game, etc but it is also worth noting that in an absolute emergency Casey has catching experience... Andruw Jones has Dunkin' Donuts experience.

For all the optimists out there though Jayson Nix was seen taking batting practice in a simulated game off of Adam Warren and David Aardsma. If he is healthy and close enough I think, and pray, he may get the spot over both of them. One can only hope...

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