Saturday, October 6, 2012

Game 1 Pitching Match Up Set

The Yankees and Orioles start their 5 game American League Championship series tomorrow Sunday 10/7/12 against the Baltimore Orioles in Oriole Park in Camden Yards. The Yankees will send the big man, the horse, the ace to the mound in CC Sabathia to try and start the series off with a win. The Orioles finally announced that they would send out Jason Hammell to go against us Sunday. Hammell has been a walking wounded this season, especially after the all star break so we do not really know what to expect from this guy. He has only thrown 8.2 IP since the All Star break and has not pitched since September 11th. On paper this sounds like a very winnable game but then again on paper the Baltimore Orioles are barely an average team and not a wild card winner. You can't predict baseball.

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