Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Division Series Schedule

MLB has announced the remainder of the schedule for the Division series so I will pass those along to you guys who are interested. A lot of the start times depend on the A's/Tigers and Reds/Giants series ending prematurely so keep that in mind. You have to fill those prime time TV slots I guess is what it is, always come down to money. Anyway here is the schedule and as always, Go Yankees!!

Game 3 : Wednesday 10/10/12 7:37 pm ET on TBS
UNLESS both the Tigers and Reds sweep tonight then the game gets pushed back to 8:37 pm ET on TBS

Game 4 : Thursday 10/11/12 7:37 pm ET on TBS
UNLESS the Tigers have clinched then the game is moved to 8:37 pm ET on TBS

Game 5 : Friday 10/12/12 5:07 pm ET on TBS
UNLESS the Yankees and Orioles are the only two teams still left then the game will be played at 7:07 pm ET on TBS

Everyone confused now? Good. 

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