Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pronk In Pinstripes?

According to Jon Heyman and Rob Bradford the Yankees and Travis Hafner are close to agreeing on a contract. No word on the details of the deal, but Pronk would be a pretty good DH against right-handed pitching.

Hafner was limited to only 66 games last season, but did put up a batting line of .241/.361/.437 against righties. It may not be the batting average I'd look for, but getting on base 36% of the time is a pretty good rate, not to mention the ability to hit 25+ home runs in a season.

Travis had surgery on the meniscus in his right knee last May, and seems to be okay as far as that goes. But it's his lower back that worries me, as he did have a bulging disc that cost him 40 games late last season. Actually, health issues have haunted him in 10 of his 11 MLB seasons, so it's really hard to count on him all season long. Perhaps being a platoon DH would help.

By the way, Pronk is strictly a DH, as he hasn't seen the field since playing 91 innings at 1B in 2007.

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