Thursday, January 3, 2013

Yankees Said To Not Be Interested In Delmon Young

The Yankees still need a right handed batter, preferably someone who can hit in the middle of a lineup, and a designated hitter but for some reason have shown zero interest in free agent Delmon Young. Delmon Young is entering his age 27 season after the last season and a half with the Detroit Tigers. Delmon is listed as a left fielder by sites like baseball reference but let's face it Delmon is a DH only kind of guy, much like a Raul Ibanez last season. He has hit a combined 30 home runs in the last two seasons but most of that has been in Comerica Park which was never too friendly to batters anyway. His defense would be suspect and his off the field actions leave a lot to be desired, which I do not feel like really feel like getting into, but I think the Yankees should at least make the phone call. The problem will be the budget and his, assuming, unwillingness to accept a one year deal after his post season. I predicted that Delmon would be the Yankees DH in 2013 when I did my free agency predictions and it is not looking too good right now.

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