Sunday, February 3, 2013

Charleston Riverdogs Announce Super Bowl Special

In honor of "Prospects Month" here on The Greedy Pinstripes we are helping the Charleston Riverdogs by helping spread the word about their Super Bowl special on all of your favorite Riverdogs Merchandise. The team has announced that the number of combined points scored today in the Super Bowl will decide what the percentage off will be on merchandise tomorrow. For example if the Ravens and the 49ers score a combined 50 points the Riverdogs will sell their merchandise Monday at 50% off! Now we have yet another reason to root for a high scoring Super Bowl! The discount applies not only in store but also online so check that out HERE on Monday!

Also, to add, the Riverdogs will be giving severely discounting a shirt depending on who wins the big game. If the Ravens win the Riverdogs will be selling THIS shirt for only $10 and if the 49ers win THIS shirt will be $10. No matter who wins the Super Bowl the Charleston Riverdogs fans win. Go check out that merchandise and root for the home teams!

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