Sunday, February 3, 2013

Go Niners!!!

Being a San Francisco 49ers fan* I can't help but write that I'm not only rooting for them, but I believe they will win their 6th Super Bowl tonight. The combination of a better offensive line, a better running game (thanks in part to a mobile quarterback in Colin Kaepernick, to go along with Frank Gore), a solid rush defense, and a blitzing pass defense (Flacco's numbers drop significantly against the blitz) should push things in their favor.

That's not to say that the Baltimore Ravens aren't good enough to pull off a victory. I think Flacco is a very underrated quarterback, Ray Rice is an excellent running back, and the Ravens do have a better group of receivers.

Anyway, enjoy the game.

*Some people have thought it weird that somebody from New York would be a 49er fan, so I'll explain... I grew up idolizing Walter Peyton, but didn't feel any sort of attachment to the other members of the Chicago Bears. So when Sweetness retired, I looked elsewhere and found Jerry Rice... the greatest receiver of all time. Since then I've rooted on the Niners.

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