Thursday, February 21, 2013

Morning Bits: $189, Romine, Gardner, Hughes and more..

mug3Good Morning all.  Lot's of interesting articles today.  Let's get going....

-- Wallace Matthews ponders if the Hughes injury is serious will the Yankee pull the trigger on Kyle Lohse.

-- Wallace Matthews also writes that Hal might be ready to open his wallets and ditch the $189 million plan.

-- Adam Berry of has the full story on Hughes and his back problem.

-- Berry also has many Yankee Tidbits in this article such as Cano, Joba almost plunking Nunez,  Pineda's DUI, and some quotes from the players.

-- New York Times writer Scott Cacciola has a nice article on Brett Gardner.

Here is a video from The Yes Network on Austin Romine


  1. With Grandy tahing fly balls in LF today Joe Sheehan had a good point. Very big of Grandy to move to LF in a contract year. Potentially losing a lot of value.

  2. Teams know he can play anywhere in the OF though. His hitting this year will determine what his next contract gets.

  3. Something else to ponder. The outlook for the next 2 yrs might not be great if Hal doesn't lift the $189 cap, but if a few of the prospects hit at the same time the Yankees start spending again could have a great team.

  4. Teams know he is an average Cfer, hitting in Yankee stadium will be his biggest probelem when trying to get a big contract next year. I see Grandy taking less money than he is getting this year in the future.

  5. Matt, I agree, they Yanks could resign Cano and sign players like McCann,Haren,Lincecum, and Zobrist if the Rays don't pick up his option. They could then platoon Austin and Heathcott in LF to break then in. I also like Josh Johnson, Garza, Feldman, Ervin Santana, Vargas, and Marcum. Outfielders like Choo, Pense, Hart and Ellibury could be available.

  6. I think Ellisbury has had enough with Boston. I can't see him re-signing with him.

  7. Yeah Doug, but with the crazy 2014-15 FA class I wouldnt expect them to go nuts on those guys. If Austin, Williams, Heathcott and Sanchez are on the team by then they could go out and oursue guys like Andrus, Headley, Sandoval, Kershaw, Verlander, Shields, Gallardo. Obviously looking way down the line here but just saying they could have a chance ti be a great team if they cn combine the prospects with a few of those FA's.

  8. Matt, you could be right, but I don't see Kershaw or Verlander leaving their teams. Of the rest I like Andrus, Headley, and Shields on the Yanks. My 2014 line-up right now would be Gardner, Zobrist, Cano, Tex, McCann, A-Rod,Jeter,Ichiro, and platoon Austin and Heathcott. In 2 years add Banuelos and Campos. I might even move Austin to third, to make room for Williams.,

  9. Unfortunately the Yanks will have to continue to give some long term contracts to stay on top. They won't be able to build a new team with prospects alone, and trades can also be risky. Cashman will have to use all avenues to rebuild the team starting next year. I would help if some of the prospects like Banuelos, Campos, Heathcott, Austin, Sanchez, and Williams become stars.

  10. Here we go again, the year 2020 and more will be great years not to be a Yankee Fan!
    I can see it now, a 38-year-old 2nd baseman and 4 or five other (long contract players) players in there late 30s with maybe 3 or four 28-year-old players. I think I have been there and seen that back in the late 60' thru early 90's. Bring in all the over age stars they can get, and in a few years we are back in the last century again. Is that what we really want?
    I want to slowly integrate our rookies and a FA or two, but there is no reason to go after every star we can talk (or buy) into playing for us!

  11. old yankee, I agree with you, but the prospects have to do their part and produce at the major league level. Hopefully Heathcott, Williams, and Austin turn out to be as good as Austin Jackson, and Banuelos and Campos are top of the rotation pitchers.

  12. doug...
    That is one of the reasons they are down on the farm, work, work and more work! One thing about the farm hands some fans forget...not always does the best AAA player make a good pro! Sometimes it is the guy they say will never be anything but a ball boy...Yogi anyone, he turned out ok I should think?!

    I would like to preface this paragraph as being what I had heard the last year I made the swing down south to see what was down on the farm...hear say or fact?
    One thing I try pointing out and it is always pushed aside but, it is a very salient point! Jackson had too much ego and to proud of himself, he wanted to be on the big boys starting 25! He thought he was too good to be on the farm, he wanted out of Yankee Land as soon as possible and had a very bad attitude. Everyone tried to help him, to no avail. He would refuse to do things asked of him etc. He wanted out of the Yankee system, so the Yankees sent him away. They knew he was a good player but, wouldn't play hard for the team so...good-by!
    Thus, if everything is true, or even half of it is true, The team made a good move!

  13. old yankee, I didn't know that about Jackson, in that case they made the right move. I'm not one to second quess Cashman, Grandy has been good for the Yanks

  14. doug...
    Remember, I said it was, "said around the Farm and no one has said anything to counter it"!
    The only reason I bring it up is, so many fans call it a bad deal because it had two stars in the deal, IPK and Jackson.
    We all know about IPK he has had one very good season and nothing else. Jackson wouldn't have put the game before his ego etc.,, bottom line; that was a good deal for the Yankees, I think anyhow!


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