Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spring Training Notes 2/13/13: Cervelli, Pettitte, Rivera

Day two of Spring Training has come to an end and there were interviews from three different Yankees: Francisco Cervelli, Andy Pettitte and of course Mariano Rivera. Let's cover Francisco Cervelli first and then go from there.

Francisco Cervelli

As we all know, Cervelli's names were handwritten on the Biogenesis report which meant that Cervelli at least visited the Miami clinic after his foot injury.

"When I got my foot injured in 2011, I checked with doctors and someone recommended me Biogenesis. I went there for maybe suggestions, and that's it. I walked away without nothing in my hands. I just went there and talked, that's it." Cervelli said during the 11 minute press conference.

"Right now, I realize that it was a mistake to go there, but it already happened so what can I do?"

Cervelli wouldn't say who recommended him to go to the Miami clinic but he did say that it wasn't a player (and it wasn't Alex Rodriguez). Cervelli went to Biogenesis once and he met with Anthony Bosch during that one visit.

"Sometimes when we've got injuries, we get a little desperate to come back quick and we always want a second opinion. I went there. Someone told me. I take my responsibility. Nobody put a gun to my head to go there. And that's it."

Andy Pettitte

Now, let's move on to a non-controversial topic: Andy Pettitte. Pettitte threw a bullpen session today and then met with the media about how he's feeling along with if he plans to retire in 2014.

"I feel like I'm better than I am at age 30. Heck, I want to win 20 games. That's it." Pettitte said during his 11 minute press conference. Joe Girardi even spoke about Pettitte during another press conference this morning in Tampa.

On the topic of whether Pettitte will retire in 2014, Girardi said "I think Andy still loves to compete." To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised to see Andy Pettitte return in 2014. That's a true competitor right there.

Mariano Rivera

And last but definitely not least, everyone's favorite closer: Mariano Rivera. Mariano Rivera said that he made a decision on whether or not he will pitch next season--but he's not telling anyone just yet. However, he did say that he was going to reveal whether he planned to retire or not before the season begins.

"You guys have been patient enough." Rivera said during his press conference. When it came to rating how his knee was doing, he said it was a 9 out of 10 but by the time Opening Day rolls around, Rivera plans to feel 100%. He's doing agility drills and threw a bullpen session his first day of camp, which is out of the norm for Rivera since he doesn't throw bullpen sessions his first day.

Now, the main question that came from Rivera's press conference: will he shag fly balls this season even though he tore his ACL doing what he loved last season? Yes. He will. He will just have to be careful about it when he's in the outfield. It didn't take much convincing for Joe GIrardi to let him shag again.

"I don't want to take it away from him." That's the verdict from Girardi--but with one small, tiny exception. "Just not in Kansas City."

Courtesy of Bryan Hoch from, here are some pictures from today's Spring Training's events:

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  1. Like I tweeted earlier on what I learned today. Mo knows but won't say. YET. Someone sent Cervelli but won't say who. Pettitte doesn't know so can't say. But Mo does like to shag and will do it carefully.

  2. He will shag...except in Kansas City. ;)

  3. RobbinsDynasty....I know understand, that you are Kevin?
    The two different names, confused me. Nice job on the article last week.

  4. SPELL CHECK....for dummies: " I now understand, that you are Kevin? "...Better.

  5. FOUND THIS over at MLB Trade Rumors:
    " Dodgers skipper Don Mattingly says that he won't let his contract status become a distraction for him in 2013, writes Ken Gurnick of Mattingly is entering the third and final season of his deal and his request at the end of last year to have his 2014 option be guaranteed was declined."

    Interesting? Not as Yankee manager, but in some form of field role.

  6. Yes sorry for any confusion I am both kevin & robbinsdynasty didnt realize that I was posting under 2 names. I use different devices to post didnt notice names didmt match. Between phone, ipad and laptop never thought to check it. By article did you mean my imsight on the prospect list?

  7. I see him coming to NY but not as manager if he can't get another deal with LA. But imagine if he does become manager and never wins still just be GREATEST Yankee to never win WS. And when in pinstripes rings is all that matters. They should take a long look at Sojo for a bench job. Winningest manager on FSL history. And once the youth movement comes to the bronx he would have managed all of them.

  8. RobbinsDynasty.........yes, the prospect list. Your comments had life. Easy to read,
    and loaded with facts. Sojo? Luis Sojo? I was unaware of his achievements. Thanks.

  9. THIS JUST IN....And no, I did not make this up.
    Lifted this from MLB Trade Rumors moments ago:

    Yankees Acquire Shawn Kelley
    By Zach Links [February 13, 2013 at 6:21pm CST]

    The Yankees have acquired right-hander Shawn Kelley from the Mariners in exchange for outfielder Abraham Almonte, according to Ryan Divish of the Tacoma News Tribune (on Twitter). The Mariners designated Kelley for assigment on Thursday to make roster space for Kelly Shoppach.

    Kelley, 28, appeared in 47 games for the Mariners in 2012, posting a 3.25 ERA with 9.1 K/9, 3.0 BB/9, and a 28.8% ground ball rate in 44 1/3 innings. The right-hander will earn $930K in 2013.

    Meanwhile, Almonte will give the M's some much needed minor league depth at the centerfielderposition and can also play the corners. The 23-year-old spent last season in Double-A, hitting .276/.350/.392 in 78 games.

  10. Patrick - Is Shawn Kelly yhe new Cody Epply

  11. T...River Ave says it's an excellent p/u.

  12. Glad someone brought this up. Just had a rant on twitter about this. I believe we have a strong bullpen and most just got paid in arbitration. With Mo, DRob, Joba, Aardsma, Rapada, Logan, Eppley and Phelps the ascent of Pinder and Montgomery why another arm? Maybe its just me because this hit close to home as Abe was the first player my kids met. Had given them 2 game used bats personally. And one of them came from one of the end games of his 30+ game hitting streak in 2011 for the tampa yankees. Very nice guy and well liked among the TY fans. The few of us out there. LOL. I just hope this move better set up for something better than a piece that will more and likely be a triple A arm. Dont see who he replaces on the big league roster.

  13. kevn,,,,,,what is TY? who is ABE?

  14. Kevin, I agree...I see the reason for the deal but I don't think it's something to get excited about. The Yanks are loaded with bullpen arms and Almonte has some tools (though could never stay healthy). The one positive is it loosens up that OF glut we spoke about earlier in AA/AAA.

    Kelley has nice superficial numbers but when you dig deeper, he gives up a lot of HRs and he was much worse pitching outside of the pitcher's haven in Seattle. If he gave up 1.34 HR/9 in Seattle, that number will be even higher in NY. However, it's never a bad thing to build up arms. It could be Cashman is just looking to build up depth to make another trade later for a Catcher or RH hitting OF....similar to the trade of Kontos for Chris Stewart at the end of the Spring last yr.

  15. TY = Tampa Yankees (High A)
    ABE = Abraham Almonte

  16. Yes thank you for the back up.

  17. I hope its not for catcher. I honestly like the state of our catching core. Nothing to get to excited about but I like the defensive focus. Use two as a platoon. Cervy catch 3 starters and stewart catch other 2. Bullpen can work with both. Hitting 225 - 250 would be great and dont allow stupid pass balls all will be well. I see romine coming up to solidify the core then murphy in a year and sanchez in 2 years. RF would be better option. Is thomas neal AAA bound? I knoe diaz and rivera have opt out clause so I see those being used unless they show something. Sad part is we saw a decent core in making get released at two seperate parts of season. Maxwell and dickerson were putting up good numbers and great abilities in camp last season. And niw max is roaming cf in houston and dickerson is at a crossroads in baltimore

  18. fishjam, I agree with outfielders like Heathcott, Austin, and Williams looking to advance the Yanks will look to free up some spots for them, and you can never have enough pitching. Cashman might be trying to find another Wade, relief pitchers are hard to measure sometimes.


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