Sunday, March 31, 2013

2013 Predictions : Derek Jeter Potential Milestones

Derek Jeter has been on an all out assault on the all time hits list and 2013 looks to be no different then 2012 was. As long as Derek Jeter fully heals from this ankle injury that ended his season prematurely in 2012 and continues to defy age, logic, and mother nature I think we will see Derek Sanderson Jeter rewriting history more then a couple times this season. Let us take a closer look:

  • Derek Jeter is a mere 11 hits behind 9th place Eddie Collins on the all time hits list. Jeter is also a meager 15 hits behind Paul Molitor for 8th place on the all time list. Jeter is 115 hits behind Carl Yastrzemski for 7th place on the all time list for hits. Honus Wagner is only 116 hits in front of Jeter for 6th place all time on the hits list. Tris Speaker is only 210 hits ahead of Derek Jeter for 5th place on the all time list. All of these men are within striking distance of the captain in 2013. We do not use Cap Anson's 3435 hit total as a correct total because walks used to be counted as hits back in the early 1900's. 

  •  Derek Jeter is 17th on the all time list for hit by pitches with 163 in his career. I am not sure if this is really supposed to be a good thing or not but Derek stand 2 HBP's behind Kid Elberfield for 16th place and 4 HBP's behind Alex Rodriguez for  15th place. Hopefully this is one milestone that Derek does NOT reach.

  • Derek Jeter sits 40th on the all time list in games played with 2585 games played. I know this may be a tall task but if Jeter plays 150 games he will jump all the way to the 26th spot with 2735 games played passing notable players like Willie McCovey (39th), Lou Brock (35th), Paul Molitor (30th), and George Brett (27th). 

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