Thursday, March 7, 2013

New York Yankees Spring Training Notes 3/7

Derek Jeter traveled back to North Carolina to see the doctor that performed his ankle surgery, Dr. Robert Anderson, for a scheduled routine check up. Everything went fine and Jeter was cleared to resume all baseball activities including running the bases at full speed, his last real test of the ankle. Derek is expected back in Yankees camp tomorrow but still does not know when he will get into a real game.

Mark Teixeira told reporters today that his tendon in his wrist is not torn and he would not require surgery unlike Jose Bautista last season. Teix says it is just a matter of letting it heal and rest and he should be back at 100% for the Yankees in mid May.

Phil Hughes made 15 pitches off of flat ground from 60 feet today using his regular pitching motion. This is a minor step in his rehabilitation but it is a step nonetheless.  Boone Logan also threw 38 pitches off of flat ground from 60 feet  after feeling some discomfort in his pitching elbow. Again a small step but it is progress at the end of the day.

David Robertson played catch today for the first time since feeling some discomfort in his pitching shoulder. He expects to be in a game either Saturday or Sunday as long as there are no set backs obviously.

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