Thursday, March 28, 2013

Releasing Adams Made Sense

"Wait, which way do you want me to run?"

I just came across some very interesting information regarding the release of David Adams.

A few days ago Adams was released, and many Yankee fans were up-in-arms over the move. I wasn't as upset as some, but I was a bit confused as to why the team would let go of a guy that's shown some promise. In 5 seasons of minor league ball, Adams has posted a batting line of .295/.378/.448, including a line of .306/.385/.450 with AA Trenton last season.

Even though Adams is currently blocked from the Yankees by a number of players (Cano, Youkilis, Rodriguez, Nunez, and Nix in particular), he's of some value even as a trade chip. Especially when you consider he's a second baseman, and that position is not exactly chock full of amazing talent.

So why would the Yankees release him?

Well the Yankees are having some real issues with their 40-man roster, as they try to fill holes thanks to a number of injuries. And the fact of the matter is that Adams was not going to be needed by the Yankees this season, while guys such as Juan Rivera and Ronnier Mustelier may very well be. So it made sense to cut Adams first. Unless, you think Adams is a better prospect than Corban Joseph, which is arguable as Joseph hit .266/.366/.474 the past season in Scranton.

The thing to keep in mind though is that the Yankees did not want to release Adams. They've told people that they are interesting in bringing him back, should he be available. And that's where releasing him, instead of designating him for assignment, comes into play.

You see, a player that's released has the option of going to the team that claims him or becoming a free agent. So the Yankees have given themselves a chance of holding onto David Adams. Would a player take a non-40-man gig from a team that just cut him? I don't know, but I like that the Yankees have given themselves a shot.

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