Friday, March 1, 2013

Robinson Cano Rejects Offer

The Yankees made a "significant offer" to Robinson Cano, and it was apparently made before pitchers and catchers reported to Spring Training on February 12th. However it was reported by The New York Post that the offer has been rejected.

Neither side has disclosed any details about the offer, but that didn't stop George King from guessing that it may have been a 7 year deal worth $172 million (an AAV of $24.6 million, just above the $22.4 million Sabathia's deal is worth). Although Robbie probably won't get as much as guys like Joey Votto, Prince Fielder, and Albert Pujols received recently (10, 9, and 10 year deals, respectively), Boras points out that Cano produces like a corner infielder. And being a second basemen, that should up his value to that point.

I can see how some fans would be disappointed at this news, as they want to ensure that Cano is in pinstripes for the rest of his career, and they want that to happen as soon as possible. However, the way I look at it, this is a good thing. If Cano had accepted their first offer, then that would tell me that it was too much. I mean, at this point in negotiations, Robbie would have to be blown away to accept it so quickly. Seeing that he rejected it tells me the offer was likely a fair deal, but not one that the team would regret later like that are with Alex Rodriguez (I don't recall hearing of ARod rejecting a Yankee offer before taking that huge 10 year deal).

"No, I don't feel bad that I get paid a ton more than what I'm worth."

It would be great if the deal got done before Opening Day, as that would lower the Yankee payroll in terms of the Luxury Tax, but Cano could very well be in line for a huge payday so why should he be in any hurry? And when we're talking about a deal that will be around $200 million, I'd rather the Yankees not worry about saving a few million bucks on the payroll thing, and take their time to make sure they don't make another ARod-like mistake.

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