Friday, March 8, 2013

With Teixeira out, who plays first?


If the Yankees weren't in trouble when Curtis Granderson went down, then they were really in trouble when Mark Teixeira went down. With two-thirds of the Yankees power bats down due to injury, the Yankees have to scramble to figure out who is going to take the coveted honor of being the Opening Day first baseman. Out of curiosity yesterday, I asked my Twitter followers what they think the Yankees should do about the first base situation. Their answers actually made more sense and gave more insight than anything Brian Cashman has said so far. Here were some of their suggestions (and me adding commentary).

My thoughts: The Mark Reynolds idea, I actually liked but there was a small problem. If we sign Mark Reynolds he would basically be Curtis Granderson 2.0. He has the power but he also strikes out a lot. The second suggestion of moving Youkilis to first and Nix to third is a more realistic idea. Youkilis has played first in his career so him moving him there would be a good idea and for the meantime have Nix go to third. Defensively that would work out great. Offensively, Nix would have to step out (and so would Youkilis).

My Thoughts: Not well, but they can play. That would be a great way to describe the two suggestions, mostly Rivera. Johnson has actually been impressive at first when he's played during the Spring. His defense this Spring has almost been Teixeira-like. Almost. But I think Dan Johnson could be a good defensive first baseman in the meantime while we wait for Teixeira to come back. It's not like we're really missing anything with Teixeira's bat in April, anyway. It's more about defense for the first month.

My Thoughts: Again, good idea to move Youkilis to first but the Yankees would never move Nunez to third. Yankees made it clear he was just the shortstop. Nothing else. Besides, moving around and committing errors was what got Nunez sent to the minors last season in the first place.

My Thoughts: Carlos Lee and Aubrey Huff as replacements for Teixeira. All right, that sounds like a good idea but what happens to them after Teixeira comes back? They'd have to go somewhere and I don't think either of them have minor league options. Staying in house with Dan Johnson seems more realistic.

My Thoughts: I'm sold! I'm sold! I am sold! Johnny Damon did offer his services to the Yankees for the outfield position but Cashman said no. Maybe Johnny would like to come back at the first baseman. But, we can't get our hopes up. Cashman would most likely say no again. And losing Raul Ibanez does hurt a lot more now. Ibanez had a great bat and wasn't bad when you put him in the outfield. It now hurts a lot that the Yankees didn't even bother making an offer for Ibanez. That could have helped.

My Thoughts: It hurts even more now that the Yankees don't have Eric Chavez. Chavez had been one great bat and a good defender for the Yanks, so having him back would be a great idea. Only question would be, what would the Yankees have to give in order to get Chavez, and would the Arizona Diamondbacks want to actually give up Chavez. He's there now, and the Yankees doing nothing to bring him back in the offseason is coming back to bite them.

It seemed the popular option when I asked was Dan Johnson to be the first baseman. I wouldn't mind Dan Johnson taking over for Teixeira in April, and he can't possibly hit any worse in April than Tex. Choosing a first baseman for the Yankees leads to fans thinking of a lot of possibilities for the team. So, who would you choose?


  1. How about Joe Peppitone.With Hal's new budget they can probably get him for less than a million and he's right in Hal's new age group.

  2. How about Youk at 1st and Musty at 3rd. Youk is a good 1st baseman, Musty and Nix can play 3rd base.
    Musty plays 3rd and OF...Nix Plays SS, 3rd and 2nd.
    We would have 4 spots covered with two players.
    As for Johnny D, not a chance...there is a reason he isn't playing...there is also a reason he wants to play, 3,000 hits. Another 39-year-old player we don't need.

  3. old yankee, as I said the other day, I think that is the best option. It is only for 30 games, the Yanks had Nunny fill that roll 2 year ago pretty well also when Jeter got hurt. Nunny is better when he is playing every day like most young players. I also like using Zoilio in RF.

  4. Jose Rimirez looks great today, he throws some serious gas and has a good change. I would move him up the prospect list.

  5. Mo and Jeter back today both look healthy, let's play ball.

  6. I can't speak for Fish, but the only thing that had him lower on my rankings was his questionable health, and his ability to develop his breaking ball. If he stays on the field through 2013 and pitches like this he's got a huge chance to crack the top five in my book. I wrote him up last year and he's showing everything I spoke about in his profile. Pretty big upside, and at the very least (assuming he stays healthy) he's a devastating late inning guy.

  7. jimmy, I agree with you, this guy has #1 or #2 upside, he could be a big deal. If his slider keeps progressing this year look for him to be a front line starter.

  8. doug...
    I can always agree with you...well, most of the time!
    Jose is for real, some are seeing him for the first time...I think he will grow on most fans! :)

  9. Ramirez has always had a big-time FB and Change. He's been in the organization for a long time and despite the stuff was inconsistent and grew a reputation as a guy who looked great in the pen and practice but didn't get the results in games. in 2011, he was terribly inconsistent and finished with a 5.66 ERA in Low A & Hi A. he also wasn't ranked higher because he's now 23 and hasn't pitched above A-ball yet.

    Last year he was much improved and consistent in Hi A and the Slider became a legit 3rd pitch for him, Now he seems much more confident and his command has been great in ST. He's been attacking the lower half of the zone with all of his pitches. If i was re-ranking the prospects after ST, he'd be a lot higher on my list. But let's see him do it this yr in AA/AAA and if he does he'll be right on the doorstep. A lot of guys look good in early ST and Ramirez has always been a guy who dazzles in Instructs, Spring and other "controlled" atmospheres. I suspect his improvements are for real but I'd like to see him back it up with a string of good starts.

  10. fishjam...
    I may be wrong on the player but I think it was Elston Howard! Anyhow the first few years he came up to the show, he was just the opposite of Jose. The coaches kept Casey, what has this guy got, he can't get out of his own way, etc, et.el! But, as you know Casey had a knack for talent and with a couple of words could suggest a change to a player and it worked most of the time.
    Drop all the showmanship from Casey and you found one hell of a manager and a very top of the line teacher...he was always teaching.
    Jose could be a front line pitcher or a big flop, I think it is up him! I never understood how some players tighten up in a big spot in the game!

  11. fishjam, Sometimes it just takes time for pitchers to develop, I hope that is the case with Ramirez. I really like the his potential, he is just what the Yanks need in the rotation next year.

  12. Say what you want about Girardi but thank goodness Torre still doesn't manage the Yankees. What an awful game he managed today with the bunting but looks like he will get away with it,

  13. Phelps, Nuno, Clairborne, Spence, and Monte did a good job today, Rivera also had a good day.


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