Friday, March 8, 2013

Mason Williams & Dante Bichette Jr. Present Navy 58

Yankees prospects Mason Williams and Dante Bichette Jr. are not only talented on the baseball field but they are equally as talented off of it as well. This is evident with their musical group Navy 58 who you can follow on twitter @Navy_58. They have released five songs so far and we will bring you every one of them in this post plus any future songs that they release. Let's support our boys and retweet these, show friends, share on facebook, share this post, whatever we have to do to help our Yankees boys. Enjoy and remember to follow Navy 58 (@Navy_58), Dante Bichette Jr.  (@DBJr19), Mason Williams (@MjordanW9),  and The Greedy Pinstripes (@Greedystripes) on twitter.

-Whole Team-

-Ridin' High-

-I Know-


-Every Time-

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