Saturday, March 2, 2013

World Baseball Classic Is Underway

Team USA still has almost a week before they start playing World Baseball Classic games but the WBC is officially underway over in Japan this morning. The Netherlands team that has former Yankees player Andruw Jones and Braves short stop Andrelton Simmons is leading big against the Korea team. Chinese Taipei and Chein Ming Wang beat Australia behind six shut out innings behind Wang and hopefully the Yankees were watching. The two time defending champion Japan team started their title defense with a win over Brazil and Cuba and Brazil are still left to play today but we will have World Baseball Classic games all weekend long to enjoy, thank God competitive baseball is back.

Team USA will start their WBC next Saturday, March 9th, against Team Italy. That would have been interesting to see Francisco Cervelli playing against us but he is using his time well in camp and seems to be the front funner right now for the starting catcher job so maybe that was a good decision. Team USA will play next Sunday as well against Team Canada, who will be Russell Martin-less after the Pirates did not want him to play short stop in the WBC. I cannot say I am the hugest fan of the WBC but competitive baseball is competitive baseball so I will be watching.

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