Thursday, June 20, 2013

Alex Rodriguez To Return Before Derek Jeter?

What a difference a few months make huh? It was not too awful long ago when we thought that Derek Jeter would be out with the Yankees on Opening Day and that Alex Rodriguez would probably miss the entire 2013 season. Now Derek Jeter has had two ankle set backs in that same time period and an ankle surgery and Alex Rodriguez is already rehabbing and running the bases down in Tampa. It is very conceivable at this point that Alex Rodriguez may return to the Yankees before Derek Jeter will in 2013.

The Yankees have announced that Alex Rodriguez has made amazing progress in his rehab and may be ready to start a rehab assignment as soon as we get back from the All Star Break. Alex Rodriguez would all of a sudden be a sight for sore eyes after Kevin Youkilis had back surgery today and David Adams has fizzled out after his hot start to his major league career. The same people that were wishing A Rod would retire so we could recoup some of his salary due to the insurance that the Yankees have on his contract are now rooting for him to come back better than ever.

With Derek Jeter looking like he wont be ready to start rehabbing until mid to late July we may actually see Alex Rodriguez back in Yankees pinstripes before Derek Jeter this season. Is that father time slapping Derek in the face or does that show you how much work Alex has put into his rehab? Only time will tell I guess so stay tuned.

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