Thursday, June 27, 2013

Brian Cashman Please Read Me Before Christmas

Okay so earlier I said I was not one to be negative or rant or such but I have really had enough of Brian Cashman this season. First he called out Kevin Long and now he calls out Alex Rodriguez for an insignificant tweet the other night about being ready to play in games. He didn't say he was cleared to play in games by the Yankees or that he rehab assignment started here and when, all he said was he was healthy enough to play. I digress I know everyone has heard the story and is probably already sick of it but I had to go to twitter and see what Brian Cashman was obviously missing. Tell me Brian, and anyone reading this is urged to also use the comment box to voice their opinions and will not to be told to shut the f*&k up, what is the difference between A Rod's tweet seen above and these below?

If Brian Cashman wanted your fans to know you got your brace off I think he would have a twitter account now wouldn't he Curtis Granderson?

Brian Cashman says when you can get back on the field, not you Mark Teixeira!

Did Brian Cashman approve this? Did he say you could come back Francisco Cervelli?

I probably missed it but I do not remember reading a press release from Brian Cashman regarding you starting a rehab assignment Eduardo Nunez so can we please stop telling your fans on a social media site what is going on? Thanks!

Once again Brian Cashman I think YOU are the one that needs to shit the f*&k up and get me a first baseman that can actually hit the ball and worry less about the third basemen that we need because of your lack of GM skills lately.


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